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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Hey @Sprkslfly most of these come from apps within our store that help operate customizable aspects of the site but I’ll take a look and see if what we can do about this to help speed things up! Thank you for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:


I only needed a couple TFA replacements, didn’t notice the other brands. That is some awesome news. You all ROCK!


LOL, I have major issues browsing flavors by brand on their website, to the point where I have to CLOSE the browser. (firefox)

The UI looks great, but the UX not so much.

Now, I just search the flavor I want and go directly to it’s page, but can’t “enjoy” browsing everything from any one particular flavor mfgr.

Even if I go to a different browser tab and do something else for a while(5mins-4hours), the NicRiver website(tab) is stuck in a loop and unusable. have to close the browser and re-start it.

It’s also probably why they store your shopping cart in a cookie (that expires pretty quickly, and only available on the 1 computer you add items to) rather than in a user database (that doesn’t expire and is available from any computer you log in to). They have other tracker cookies (shopify?) that expire in 4-10(?) years, but the shopping cart expires in days.

I’ll have to try disabling those scripts and see if my UX improves !


Ty for pointing that out , it seems NR has been getting slapped around here for a minute … Which imo is not needed…


That’s amazing! Thanks NicRiver.


Well when your the big dog, you get a Target on your back.


Thank you Nic River for getting one of my two first orders out. Cannot wait to get started in making my own!:smiley: I’m still searching for more flavors to add!


Hey guys, if anyone’s interested we just released a video on a Salt recipe!

ELR Recipe Link: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2841453/NicRiv+Strawberry+Salts

YouTube Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H84nz0AJgao


Are you still having a site wide sale in december ?


wanted to ask the same question, I could really use it as i need to order


Yes, I’ve been waiting since Labor Day!!!


Yes we are! The sale will be active tonight at 12:01AM PST. An email will be sent out at midnight tonight PST with the code and more. The sale is for 20% off our entire store! :slight_smile:

The code is: NEWYEAR

Enjoy :tada:


Big order here I come :grin:

Can you make sure the code is active at 12:01 this time though, last sale I was up till 2AM and it still didn’t work, had to wait till the morning.

Thank you for the sale!


Website has been automatically set to enable the code at 12:01AM PST 12/28 :slight_smile:


Are you discontinuing the 1 oz size? Thanks.


Freakin’ Sweeeeeeeet!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


OK, cart loaded & ready to go…


Thank you Nic River for getting 2 out of 3 orders to me! Love the way you take time and pack each item to ensure no issues in transport. …Will be using you as my one stop shop after this! You know how to really help us newbies out and it’s much appreciated! :100::blush:



Hey everyone, check it out! :slight_smile: