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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Got my order in, now I gotta build an extension to my home to store all this stuff :crazy_face:

Thanks for the great sale and service @Nicotine_River :grin:


Thank you @Nicotine_River, my order is in. Now I should have enough nicotine to last me for the next 10 years


Just placed an order and i’m dissapionted that you no longer carry 1 oz flavorings ?? Also your out of stock on a few popular flavorings that i wanted, if i ran my own business i would make sure that big sellers were in stock at all times, especially during a sale when you are drawing attention to your website.


Hello, thank you for your feedback.

We discontinued the 1oz option to limit SKU’s/Inventory space. When doing this, we also increased the 10ml’s size to 15ml’s while keeping the price the same to help mitigate the discontinuation of the 1oz! :slight_smile:

At the moment we currently are working on having a self automated inventory system set up, however we’re currently working to the best of our abilities to keep everything in stock manually with holiday shipping delays that we’ve experienced with many of our suppliers. :slight_smile:


Welcome to DIY unfortunately, had to place orders at 5 different vendors to get everything I needed. My biggest order was with NR though, they had the most of what I wanted, just not everything.


@Cloudydaze, and @Nicotine_River I’m in the same boat. Although I do love the option of being able to order 55 gallons, I’d really rather have the option to just buy 30ml/1oz.


That’s hugely unfortunate.


Have you considered selling the new 1oz bottles that you used to use ? This would help because those bottles are the best dripping bottles i have used, and if your not filling them anymore perhaps you could sell them instead.


Hey, you read our mind! We do plan on carrying those 1oz’s for sale on the site once this sale blows over. They are great bottles and we have heard many customers agree they’d buy them as is, so we will definitely start selling those!

Also, we will be adding the previously used 10ml’s to the site so that people can easily access those as well. Our purchaser is out for the holidays but once she is back and margins are properly inputted we will have them up! :slight_smile:


A few months ago, NicRiver indicated to me that they were dropping all (PG and/or VG) 3mg/mL liquid Nicotine, so I went elsewhere. Today, I still see the PureNic brand 3mg/mL liquid Nicotine listed on your product web-page. Indicative of new stock - or of a web-page having been left unedited for several months ?

I signed up for your company’s promotional emails identifying discounts last Summer when I made my first purchase with your company - but have not received any communications since. Is that normal procedure ?


Hey Milo8, after speaking with the owner we decided to keep 3mg available for the ease of new DIY customers being able to order. Also, we had a wave of customers requesting it stay due to the popular demand so, it’s here for the long term. :slight_smile:


Regarding the emails, I can double check if you’re signed up to our newsletter and if not will add you. Please private message me your email and I’ll get this fixed. :slight_smile:


:rofl: yet ya took my pumkin and yumberry, lmao for safety sake sure, dont need a newcomer dealing w/ pure nic but 3mg? please! sry still love ya!! :hugs:


Unfortunately Pumpkin had to go but! Yumberry will be staying! :slight_smile:


My order is in :sunglasses:


Was disappointed to not find 1 oz still available. I would normally have made a larger order.


Love the selection, love the prices, loves the sale, but 30ml’s rule on my mixing racks, and I am in a quandary as well @Letitia.


I remember when 2oz bottles were the smallest amount NR sold …adding the 30ml was the best thing they did , but for a new flavor I could live with 15ml and now I buy 2oz or more if I love the flave , however the 30ml bottle seems to be the most ordered from me as well


Having the 30ml option would be nice but some of the prices beat other places. I was going to order WF Coconut Custard from another vendor, the 30ml was 4.99 there. Same flavor at NR was 1.99 for a 15ml so that meant 30ml would cost me $1 less before any discounts.

Still I can understand wanting the 30ml option but price wise it is still a definite deal with the new 15ml sizes.


And if you get thw free shipping its even cheaper since some places require more than 50 for free shipping …great point you make ty