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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


I didn’t even think about that but yeah, cheaper to get free shipping to boot :+1:

For small sizes, I went with NR because for the same price I got 50% more product, 15ml vs 10ml at other vendors.


Been trying to place an order, coupon code doesn’t seem to be working. Anybody with the same issues ? @Nicotine_River


Yep, same here.


do you really care about consumers??? The “sale” was supposed to be till tonight yet it is not still up!! I really feel that the customer service with this is terrible!!!


yup it is dead I just went to bull city with code vaycay for 15% off or you can use newyearsale30 at ecigexpress for 30% off


Okay, thought it was just me. Thanks! I tried contacting them as well but don’t think they open :frowning: Thing is, @Nicotine_River has some items which I need…do I go to Bull City and take the 15% discount or wait and hope that they resolve this…decisions decisions…


I would guess the person who entered the date and time into NR’s automation accidentally chose 11:59 am. Perhaps they’ll catch it and extend the sale one more day to make up for the inconvenience.


I just tried it and it was working just fine.


This has been fixed and the code is working properly. Our apologies for this inconvenience. :slight_smile:


@Chrispdx @Letitia @zedem @Vapin_Minuteman @NoFumus :slight_smile:


awesome, good thing I waited it out lol


Thank you :+1:t2:


The code worked for me but…

I tried to order 2 one liter containers of 100mg PG Chemnovatic. The page stated each was $78.06. (or $156.12) That was the only thing in my cart.

At checkout your site says my nicotine total price is $109.98
less 20% discount of $21.99
PLUS $21.87 for FED EX Ground Shipping

for a grand total of $109.86

I have no idea how $156.12 turned into $109.98. Something seems wrong.
I thought orders over $50 received Free Shipping?

While the $$ total would be nice for this order, :grinning: due to the confusion, no order was placed.


Hello, that is definitely strange. Please PM me your email and I’ll look into this! :slight_smile:


Done! (a minute or so ago)


placed my order today — my $100 gift card from direct tv came today. sweet . paid my direct tv bill and then ordered some flavors and vg. and 250mg of nic salts (going to give this a try).

Thank you Direct tv ! and thank you @Nicotine_River for the 20% discount…


@Nicotine_River Please get a better server
The site was fine for Black Friday but the last 3 weeks have been horrible. It was taking 18 seconds just to load your home page, then when you pick a product sometimes it goes to it and others to a completely different product. Your site deserves a better server.


Hey Jerry, since we updated our site we’ve been running optimizations and other background checks to help improve the sites speed. Unfortunately, we use Shopify which limits our capabilities greatly and we do not have control over our servers however, we will continue to work on the back end of the site though and we do appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s time to consider other options.


I have no clue if it means anything or not, but I had the same issues with the site freezing up but I opened a new tab and it worked fine. When I’d go back to the original tab it kept doing the same thing. It was odd but for now I found a way around it…or so it seems