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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


@Nicotine_River am filling my cart, and having no hazmat bottles, the shipping seems pretty high. Is something wrong ??


Just spend another 1.94$ lol and then no worries


Oh shit, …

Duh …

Thanks @fidalgo_vapes


I’m an IDIOT. Not enough sleep. DID however, want to thank @Nicotine_River for extending the newyear coupon for us slackers.


If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know! :tada:

New year, new you! Get some sleep! :slight_smile:


@Nicotine_River Any idea when we can expect orders from last weekend to ship? Seems to be taking a while. At this rate it’ll take another week to actually get it.


Please PM your order number and I’ll look into this


When is the new deadline? My wallet has been a slacker, but it’s doing better now! @Nicotine_River


November 18th,2018 I pointed out the processing times and some other things. Your response was this:

I understood that, even so I took a lot of flag for my concerns and voicing my frustration, I decided everyone deserves a third chance.

Fast forward, placed order 12/28 at 12:02 am pst, got confirmation on 12/28 at 12:04 pst (automated) and ever since no movement, or items being shipped.

It seems I’m not alone with this one so.

After some further readings on some other platforms, and people that don’t want to be named here, experiencing still open orders from the prior sale /12/26.

I understand it was a sale back to back plus holidays, but I mean you guys chose these dates. And while I’m sure people come to the rescue again, I’ll say, nothing seem to have changed and it’s unfortunate.

I can wait up to months for my order, I’m in no rush, but I wanted to point this out one more time, in the hope of getting things changed and in better standings with your customers.



The shipping company located within our warehouse is currently waiting on us to finish this sale so that they can start implementing their procedures. Once we are caught up, then they will be able to start shipping our products however, till then we are manually processing orders as fast as possible.

As for the processing speeds, please keep in mind that we were not operating due to the holidays on,

December 24th (Monday)
December 25th (Tuesday)
December 31st (Monday)
January 1st (Tuesday)

for the sake of giving our employees a chance to enjoy time with their families.

Since the days off, we have had our employees working overtime and double time constantly to get orders out. This is the largest volume of orders that has entered our system in the history of our company from a sale. We have been working our absolute hardest to ensure that the packages ship as fast as possible and we are well aware some customers are growing anxious. We do apologize for the wait but ultimately must stress that the holiday break of 2 days has limited our ability to ship sale orders as they came in. Depending on the availability of some products, orders from before the sale may have been delayed. I have informed my shipping team that tomorrow the goal is to ensure those orders are tended to ASAP.

I can assure everyone reading this that their order will ship as soon as possible! After all, this is technically only the 2nd day that we’ve been able to work on orders from the 28th and after. Please, we are requesting any understanding and patience on this as we are working harder than ever before.


Dont you guys just want to scream FUCK OFF sometimes ??? You do realize No matter what you do your never gonna make people happy … You guys take a lot of shit … I always expect with free shipping its gonna be delayed bc your probably using the shipping that cost less . We all know the sales are gonna ship slower , so add the sale plus free shipping and all I would expect would be a ty … Anyway keep up.the good work im in Washington State and always get my stuff 3 to 5 business days

Just 1 question . Didnt you guys just get back to work yesterday ? I would think you have the weekends off already then new years Eve and day , come back to a bunch of orders on Wednesday now its Thursday


@fidalgo_vapes I wanted to scream that at MYSELF. I’m sitting here, loading up my @Nicotine_River, checking my shopping list, etc. Get done, and was staring blankly at the $17.00+ shipping, going, "Whaaaaaa "??. Obviously I didn’t check my order total (DUH), and maybe I should check that next time before posting.


I don’t think that was aimed at you in any way shape or form.


LOL, I know, I’m saying it SHOULD be lol.



Well I know your getting up there in years so it’s expected.:wink:



I dropped you a PM as well :wink:


I, for one, LOVE @Nicotine_River!! Never had an issue with them that hasn’t been addressed and resolved super quickly! Besides, living in Indiana, things get here at a snail’s pace anyway!


Yes this is the case currently!


@Cutlass92 is completely right … It was not aimed at you or anyone directly . I have noticed after every sale vendors get swamped with " how much longer " type questions . My feeling is PM nicotine river and or call . Shipping rates are different the question is valid , but imo and it is my opinion , the crap after a sale is gettimg old . Common sense should tell everyone that NR was probably out until yesterday ( possibly ) so let them work . There must be a reason people continue to shop at NR and im sure its not the shipping speed lmao … If you thought my last post was aimed at you it wasn’t …