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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


You know this is the case as well … We can take it , just admit lol … Keep doimg what ur doing , there arent many perfect businesses and when it comes to us DIY mixers we can be a little… Well you already know .


What’s wrong with asking a simple question in the vendors thread? They’re here to help and I appreciate that about them.


I believe I explained my opinion … Right or wrong wasnt talked about . My opinion was stated . Every time there is a sale a couple days later someone or multiple people start asking about there orders , give them a chance to fulfill them . Those simple questions usually turn into a bitch session about how this or that or last time or whatever . Plain and Simple its only my opinion and like a lot of things around here its repetitive , mark my words next sale same shit will happen … No offense should be taken it wasnt meant to point anyone out . Believe it or not I was typimg about the last three years as a whole , I feel NR is a great company who offers great everyday pricing with no restriction on free shipping etc. I also think as a group there are way too many complaints ECX web is too slow fix it , NR shipping sucks fix it , blah blah blah blah same shit different year … Take care of your self wish you the best :wink:


I’m going to put my two cents in. It’s all Amazon’s fault.
We have all been so spoiled by next day two day delivery, we don’t have the patience to wait a week or two for something to be delivered. We are all so used to clicking buy now and getting a tracking number an hour later. Amazon does it but they also lost money for the first several years as they made themselves the standard. So a little patience is all that’s required. @Nicotine_River is honest with us. They tell us when they drop the ball, they tell us when they get overwhelmed with orders. My point is they tell us the truth and do everything they can to make it right. Am I a fan boy? Yes! But only because they earned it.


Thats all im saying you just said it better …


Thanks! I appreciate that.


You are right about Amazon though , that still amazes me … Lol order something and its half way to me by bed time


All I can say is that if NR started to carry MF I would be fine waiting a couple days for my order to ship. And as always. Any vendor that work carry would have 98% of my purchases.

But yeah. I get tired of the whining. Yeah I said it. It’s no secret NR is struggling with the move and trying to stay competitive in our small bottle game. But I agree they are upfront and quick to correct. Sure I hoped the shippping times would improve and have faith once everything is dialed it it will get back to normal.

Until then. Damn right give your employees a few days to spend with their families. I had my first Christmas’s break in 19 years and it was just amazing.


Personally I like good natured banter and a little poking fun but I deplore strong swearing and cuss words.


You would be running away from my house and job sites lol


And Australia and Australians


I dunnno why, but I don’t see you as a foul mouth person. Lol. But maybe I remember that pic you posted with you and your kiddo.


@woftam Well that goes without saying. Considering England sent all their criminals to Australia way back once upon a time.

So basically your all descendants of criminals! And Proud of it. :wink:


Just showing our intellectual superiority.

Ok let’s stop derailing Nic Rivers thread now lol.


I dont curse a lot , sometimes when im irritated or trying to make a blunt point . I rarely curse in front of my children , but when I get going its horrible lol , my family though , they are a bunchnof foulf mouthed people lmao , and the job sites are full of f this and f that and suck my and so on … Unless the clients are around lmao


Ok well I will say you and Vaping Bogan are not deplorable. Some swearing I like if it’s done in the right way. (which I have no idea the right way, but some ppl do it and it does’t bother me.) :slight_smile:


No problem ordering after 1am last night, code still working and free shipping on the pre-discount price. Ended up with 1 gal VG, 1 gal PG and quite a few RFSC for 43 bucks and no shipping fee! Thanks, @Nicotine_River!


patiently waiting for my order to be shipped. with it being a sale and a holiday weekend.

one expects delays……. from my prospective ,you’ve come along way since my first order. hmm, just rearranged my flavor shelves by vendor.

nicotine river = 1 1/4 shelf
liquid barn = 1/2 shelf
real flavors = 1/4shelf
so keep up the good work…


A huge THANK YOU goes out to the employees of @Nicotine_River! They did an awesome job filling not one or two orders but three for me in a great time frame.
I’m very happy to say my new DIY journey started and will stay with them. All boxes were packed very strategically, all order forms checked and rechecked. Not one single item was damaged nor leaking in anyway.
This is how you keep customers. It’s not the next day turn around for me since I live across the US from them but you certainly can appreciate their effort even when swamped with orders!
Thank you again Nic River for helping me in every way! You all put the standard high in my book! :slight_smile:


I ordered on Fri morning of the sale, and my order was shipped and already on the way. Thank you @Nicotine_River