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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


My order says shipped USPS first class mail.tracking indicates shipped Fed ex ground.


Strange! Please PM me your order number!


Good call @Cutlass92.


@Freddie3, it’s the spice of life !!!


Bought new tank, FINALLY getting max flavour

It’s probably the partnership USPS has with FedEx. I think it’s called last mile.


Nope, I was wrong. Smart post.


FedEx sent mine everywhere before coming to me. It stayed with them vs USPS getting involved. Imagine if the truck had been filled with half of my states items, that’s a waste of fuel that drives costs up. It wasn’t on Nic River, they were awesome!


Yep, FedEx is horrible about moving packages and getting them where they need to go on time, yhea they get there but it always takes them an extra day or two.
Heck they won’t even leave packages at my house, always have to go get them at Walgreens. I don’t mind that though at least I know I’ll get them. Just don’t understand why, I’ve never had a claim against them or any other carriers, that I can remember.


I trust FedEx over the over ones. I just couldn’t believe the track mine just made. I had three orders and the only one that took that route was the third. Maybe just a glitch on their behalf. The other two followed the same path if I’m not mistaken.
The one company I just won’t deal with is DHL. If I try to order something and see that as the carrier, I’ll shop elsewhere. They have issues with speed and not wanting to properly deliver to my address, stated once my street was not on their GPS. Yeah, whatever the next day the driver said they had issues with newer drivers not delivering. :angry:


@Nicotine_River, waiting patiently but could we get an update on the holiday delay. when do you think you’ll be caught up ??


i ordered some stuff from Cali…it was shipped Fed Ex…well it went to 4 Fed Ex facilities in cali…then left there an did a big tour of the USA…even back tracked a few times…all in all the package took 14 days from Cali to East coast when it arrived at my local PO to deliver…what really erked me was it was in my state 3 days before it moved to the PO…This is not the first time this happened…Nic River takes 7-9 days to get to east coat by Fed Ex…I miss the days of the 3 days delivery from PO…or 5 days by ground PO…I wont order from any one using Fed Ex any more…worse shipping time ever


It was fast from them until it came east. Was less than 30 miles from me in AL, went to the other side of GA then to Nashville. Finally dropped down from there to me. That was just crazy.
I understand you about being in your state then just sitting. The Bham hub in this state hangs up many shipments to me. Those go south of me then jump back up. I’ll never understand some shipments…


In around 4-5 business days all the orders from the sale should be gone! That’s our current most realistic expectation. The sooner the order was placed during the sale, ultimately the closer it would be to shipping faster. :slight_smile:


Just got my holiday sale order in.Thank you for everything you do @Nicotine_River. I also have an 15mL bottle of TFA dx sweet cream that I didnt order. Thanks for the sample and if it was in error good luck getting it back. I already cracked the sucker open to give it a taste and will be mixing with it shortly.:wink:


I placed my order late into the sale. While I hope I receive it before VD, later would be fine with me too.

In fact I placed my order on New Year’s Eve. Some of you may recall I had some confusion with my order that night and posted here. Very quickly I had a PM message from NR as well as everything being positively put in order the next day. Customer service on both New Year’s Eve AND Day? I wonder which other DIY juice vendors do that?

Kudos to NR!


We’ve actually been giving the bottles from the clearance sale that didn’t sell away for free! Randomly in almost every order we can, glad you enioy! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the sample NR,that was so sweet of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I received a 2oz bottle of TFA Guava :slight_smile: Unfortunately Mango and Guava are 2 flavors/fruits I can’t stand :nauseated_face:

If anyone else got a flavor they want to trade please let me know what you have!


Break out the FREE GIFTS !!!


If it is free, it’s for me, always nice to see a surprise, I usually through in random extras for my friends and family when I send out a package,