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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Id give them a call to verify the shipping cost. I know for a while now they’ve had issues with how it’s calculated. I’m in the US and always spend enough for the free shipping option, but for example my last order had I not have used the free shipping the cheapest option I had was like $133. That was without any flammables and no nicotine. It was only 2 gal of VG and a gallon of PG with some bottles. It always comes up crazy high shipping for me hence why I just spend the $50. However, if I needed something less than that I know I can contact them to square it away, they’re really good about that. So before you count them out reach out first to verify the cost, they’re a great company to do business with.


I know we all get impatient for our orders to ship or get received, and I also understand more than anyone of us it bothers Nicotine River the most. They are aware of the complaints they’re going to receive and the heat that’s coming, but they still gave us a sale. Why would they do this?? Because it’s what we have been asking for, we love sales. They simply could have just said no and not go under the microscope. I’m sure the employees would prefer to be home rather than working crazy long days, or coming in on the weekends. Not to mention all that added labor cost Grant has to work out. I’d be willing to bet with the $ lost from the sale, plus additional cost to ramp up production NR takes a loss even after factoring in the additional sales.

I just wanted to say thank you to NR for the sale. You didn’t have to do it and you did it knowing you were going to catch hell and add stress to you amazing workers. I hope you know not everyone is upset about shipping times and we’re appreciate what you do, so don’t let the negative sway you from sales in the future. I know you’re working on setting up faster shipping processes and I for one look forward to more sales in the future.
Most of us only reach out when there’s an issue (not pointing fingers), but if everything is good we typically don’t have much to say. So I wanted to break that cycle and let you know for every person you hear from that’s in a rush, there’s 3 of us that are in the back that are grateful just patiently waiting.


Ill try flicking them an email, cant hurt to ask


Sometimes the happy cry emoji just isn’t enough! :tada:

Thank you for your support and understanding as we appreciate it immensely. :slight_smile: Our team will be working this weekend again to get out as many orders as possible. We genuinely appreciate everyone’s patience with us! I can’t express enough the gratitude that we have to experience such a supportive and understanding customer base. Once again, thank you all. :happycry:

Our phones have been ringing off the hook and lines have been busy so if you ever have trouble reaching us via phone then you can also email: Info@nicotineriver.com and they will respond ASAP!

Also, as always if there are every any immediate concerns please do not hesitate to send a personal message and I will assist to the best of my abilities! I usually respond fairly quickly when I am messaged here. :slight_smile:


Hi. I sent a request last weekend using your support system asking that my order be canceled. I have not gotten any response from Nicotine River. I don’t know what the status of my order is and whether I should go ahead and order from elsewhere. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Hello! I understand the situation, for some reason our website zendesk support email system has been acting up however, our standard info@nicotineriver.com is still working properly. I apologize for not receiving a response! I have already sat down with customer service and our support email is being fixed Monday/Tuesday of this upcoming week.

Please PM me your order number and I will take a look for you and get all of this solved! :slight_smile:


My order has a shipping label! Woohoo! Thanks for all the extra work you guys put in.


That means mine isn’t far behind!


I ordered mine on the 1st and it arrived on the 14th. :joy: :grinning:


ordered on Dec 31 and my order is scheduled for delivery today . hip hip hooray !!

good job @Nicotine_River hope your all caught up now


@Nicotine_River, thanks didn’t get any of those mystery flavors you were randomly adding. but hey my birthday is next month !

love the priority that you place on a customer order. even tho they may only order ever 3-6 months… makes the little guy feel like he’s important !!!


your right my bad. was over excited to get my order. I can make

Strawberry Margarita v2
5.00% H2O - Pure & Pristine
4.00% Flavor Apprentice - Strawberry Ripe
3.00% Flavor Apprentice - Citrus Punch (Mt. Dew)
2.00% Flavor Apprentice - Jamaican Rum
1.00% FlavourArt - Strawberry (Red Touch)
0.50% Capella - Juicy Peach
0.50% FlavourArt - Orange
0.50% Inawera - Cactus

again !

been out of red touch for awhile, and idont order until I need at leat $50 worth of stuff.


I believe those are 4oz bottles and not 8oz.
The check box corresponds to the sizing on its left.


Hey everyone! So you’re aware, we were able to lower our international shipping rates by around 25%. :slight_smile:


Still $51 to ship a $30 bottle to my neck of the woods …


Are you international?


Indeed I am. Israel.
It is cheaper than it was last week ($65), but still too expensive.

USPS rate for shipping one liter of liquid I get from another vendor is around $35 (expensive but i can work with that)


I understand what you mean and I would feel the same. As of this moment this is our current price decrease but we are expecting more decreases in the future. I know some competitors will still beat our prices at the moment but we’re happy to say this is at least a step in the right direction for catering more to our international customers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for addressing the international shipping issue, hopefully you’ll be able to match your competitors shipping costs soon and we’ll be able to buy from you guys again.


Received my order today with a free 2 oz sample of Euroflavor Red Grapefruit. Very much appreciate the sample, but I don’t like Grapefruit in real life. Willing to try it out if anyone has a recipe that’s decent with a grapefruit flavor? It isn’t listed on elr, but according to Euroflavor starting percentage guideline is 5-10%. Or would be willing to trade for another flavor?
Thanks @Nicotine_River for the tightly packed box. Everything arrived in great order.


It is but seems by only one mixer and incorrectly with (euroflavor) where u would want (EF). Even tho the flavor itself isn’t mentioned, you may find this helpful to find a good starting point based on the average of the brand. EuroFlavors Tasting Notes. Don’t be scared to sub it into other mixers recipes once u find a good starting point. Things like: http://tjek.nu/r/2Jhq and others mentioned when you search the forums for grapefruit. Gl to u!