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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


I know that you cook a lot. Try some of these in foods. They’re really good. And that was/is the mystery to me. How can they taste good in foods and fade in an out in ejuice.

Its pretty clear that it is how they are made. While I could never get a straight answer about the base, I think it is the PDO. Pure speculation but the aftertaste is really strong in some of them. Bitter? I don’t really know how to describe it other than good flavor with a shitty aftertaste mixed in. I like some of the fruits but if I replace them it will be in the PG base. And if I do, it will be awhile.


I will try them in foods, I don’t know of a better way to describe what I taste, I just know it hangs out on the back of my tongue and it’s not good.


A mixer call concrete river reviewed a lot of them on reddit and I have to agree with his opinions. He kept asking “what am I doing wrong” which was nothing. He’s pretty respected. he was not as kind as we’re being LOL,


I got a tip from someone else on here. Removed them and my mixes got better, then I started with the snv to try to see the f it was the steep. And found them to be ok as long as I didn’t steep them.


honestly I’ve tried everything from max VG down to 60/40, widely different percentages and maturation times from SnV to months, and a lot of different equipment usages and methods. Then I just stopped wasting my time and moved on to what I consider better things. What I think is that for cooking purposes whatever base is used is cooked/baked out resulting in a very good product. I think his concept is brilliant, but I am not PG sensitive and with a method I described to you I can vape max VG at 95% without any problems whatsoever.

Maybe he used some Detroit piss to clean his equipment? :grin: Comes out of a faucet you know.


I know I won’t be ordering anymore once this supply is gone.


And well before that with folks continually having to reach out in the forums (much less the unseen PM’s) for assistance with shipping costs… the website (or rather it’s handling of the shipping calculation aspects) not being addressed for several months…

We’re starting to see the above a bit too frequently for comfort IMO.

I still have a very deep affinity and respect for NR. Make no mistake.

But as high as you’ve set the bar… It’s easy for us to become spoiled, and expect what we know you can deliver @Nicotine_River. You’ve done it before! We are just anxious for the growing pains to have been resolved…


I agree with all the comments on Real Flavors. They are some of the best flavors I’ve tried if you can get them strong enough at just the right time.Too soon weak…too long and faded or bitter Wasted a lot of money on them, very very difficult to work with.

I am hopeful the PG ones will solve the issues as I’m assuming the carrier is what is causing the issues.

That being said, I will buy 1, and only 1 (bread pudding) in the pg to try. If it’s not right I won’t waste anymore money.


For me it will be the strawberry milkshake for Molly.


What is sad is that I spent endless hours hours testing and writing my flavor notes, then 2 weeks or 4 weeks after completing testing and with further steeping, they all changed completely. Either extreme flavor fade or bitter.

I need to go through my stash and update all my notes…was just so pissed after such wasted time and money I have been turning a blind eye :frowning:


Lucky we didn’t jump on that bandwagon, picked up a few but was told early in my travels down the rabbit hole what they did so I stayed away. Yes I’ve had personally experienced it but just didn’t invest a bunch of time or money.


Couldn’t agree more.
I just kept my mouth shut for the most part, because I wasn’t sure how I could be sensing things so differently.

Even with only buying the majority of the ones I did on a BOGO, or better still, the few I got on the free (pay postage), or $2 deal… It still felt like it was a loss, due to the lengthy time investment, where I could have been working on flavors that perform as expected (whether I liked the profile or not).

I still like the man at the helm though. So there’s that! lol


A lot of this took place during the FDA BS which I’m certain had a big impact on what Walt could advise us on and protect himself and company. I kind of persisted and was hoping that someone would “crack the code” so to speak. I definitely don’t want anything I’ve said taken as an attack on him or his company. I kind of look at it like with Loran’s. She made it clear that she was not going to comply with the “Deeming” bunk. I think I read somewhere that 60% of Real Flavors market is food related rather than vape. Yet he made a large investment of time and money on behalf of the vape community.


Nic river sorry for the continued derail.

@MysticRose & @Sprkslfly I have a lot of respect for your opinions I do however disagree on RF - I don’t get fade, I don’t get bitter, I will say that there are only a few RF that I call complete flavours (I do like this TBH) and there are a few that are just not to my taste.

I don’t know why they work for some and not others but I guess some people like em some people don’t.


Of course! :slight_smile:


We’re hoping to expand on that brand soon!

We’re just always unsure of what is popular and new in the market so if you have any ideas of flavors, we’ll take a look into them! :slight_smile:


And once again it has happened. Forgot to add a flavor to cart.


Diyfs holy vanilla

Ones i mentioned previously:
Euroflavours yellow mango
Rf sc apple butter



Yellow Mango is on the way :slight_smile:

As for the other two, I’ll take a look!

Thank you


Coollllllllllll… thanks!