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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


If I just ordered but it hasn’t been filled can I get away with backing out to catch the sale? :joy: Waited to order but guess I should have waited a little longer


Please PM your order number and I can look into this for you

Thank you!


Absolutely! :begs:


I sort of agree. I only get fade with certain flavors most notably yumberry, raspberry, blackberry…they all do change over time but so do all concentrates dependent of course on starting % which in most cases need to be adjusted after testing too taste. That being said i think “concentrates” was the wrong was too market them as they behave similiar to other “extracts” i have used in that 4 or 5% can be the minimun needed in many cases. To throw another kink in the process some RF SCs only require very little ie condensed milk, cheesecake, chocolate… I just restested many of my RF SC samples and I agree many (mostly the bakery flavors) are complete and utter fails like not even close lol but is this not the case with most brands.
I am not an RF SC advocate by any means but many of my newer FLVs are strikeouts , many many FW are fails 30-50% of TFA are rubbish and dont even get me started about OOO flavors lol


Interesting you get fade with yumberry - i use it around .9% in a really simple recipe and it remains pretty constant. What i do find is the sweet spot on many of them is quite small - too much or too little and you get no flavour.


Hmmmm i started at 2% which was what we all thought was a good starting point when these first came out. Additional tests were all at higher percentages 3 3.5 4 and 5%. It never dissapeared fully but faded badly as they steeped. Never even considered trying it lower, despite that on average i mix way lower than the median on ELR, most of the RF SC fruits improved by increasing the %. Ill try 0.75-0.9% next time i bust out the yumberry :smiley:


Hi guys. Ordered some stuff Jan 3rd and order appears unfulfilled. Normally I wouldn’t be complaining as these are normal times but this time i’m having products shipped to a location I will be leaving Jan 12 in the morning. Do you think we will make it on time/is there a chance to switch shipping adress to another location in the same state? Order number is #70167. Thanks in advance!


Same here. I ordered some stuff on Jan 1 and got an order confirmation and that’s it. Hasn’t shipped and haven’t heard anything.


Copy & Paste from thread post:
if you do ever encounter anything like this or need help with anything please only contact.


I will make sure that everything goes smoothly, every time.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help and I’ll get it taken care of for you


@insidiis_diaboli Shoot them a pm here and they’ll sort you out. My guess is one or more of your item is on back order which is delaying everything, either take it off the order or wait for it to come back in stock. Happened to me last time but I could be wrong in your case. Best to message them directly to find out.


I will e-mail Wes. Figured it was the holidays, they had a sale, many orders; didn’t want to bug them over something that they may not have control over.


Thanks for the e-mail address.

And Bam Bam kicks(ed) ass.


Hey everyone! Wes here,

Late yesterday I became sick with food poisoning. I have forwarded all emails over to Amanda@nicotineriver.com

She is my employee and will help everyone accordingly! Thank you! I’ll be back in the office tomorrow if anyone needs me specifically.



Wishing you a speedy recovery bud!
That type of thing is NEVER any fun. =(


Thank you! I can’t believe I never saw this!


Hey everyone! We’ve just added 5 new Flavor Revolution flavors!

Feel free to take a look,

Flavor List,

Bakery Bonanza
White Chocolate Peppermint
Electric Blue
West Coast Punch


Exactly why I won’t shop anywhere else. You’re always adding new vendors, flavors, and have amazing prices.
I always order at least $50 for the free shipping and rarely are you out of stock on anything I need.
Just which you had an east coast distribution center so I could get my orders even faster :stuck_out_tongue:


When will you start sourcing medicinal flower??!


I would like to know if you have given any thought on looking into getting the for pipe line from INW, it is getting harder to source unless direct from INW, I think these would sell well for NicRiver. I have asked this a few months ago and was told that you would look into them.


We unfortunately will not be carrying Medicine Flower in the near future. It could possibly happen in the far future but it’s doubtful