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Nicotine River - Updates, and more!


Just informed the Flavor Manager of this. Pipeline will be ordered and arrive within 1-2 weeks

Thank you!


/chants with Chrispdx…
Medicine Flower!
Medicine Flower!
Medicine Flower!

Calling all MF lovers! Support the cause!!

@Nicotine_River seriously, having 5ml or even 8ml options of these would be SO appreciated!

Must carries would be:
Dark chocolate


I know. And I will always say whom ever carries it gets 75% if my flavor orders. If you carry it you would end up getting 98% since I order nicotine from you. I’m sure many would follow the same line of thought.


I have to say I’m a little disappointed with nicotine river shipping this last time. Purchased on the 7th and just shipped yesterday.


Still haven’t received my order from the 7th.


Nicotine River is such a great vender.
It really is a shame how the Shipping issues seem to be a common theme.
So many times this has been addressed here and in other Social Media sites.
So many times there have been false promises made about rectifying it.
Yet nothing seems to ever change.
Makes you wonder why?


Well I know for me it has improved greatly, but I still hear from others that they have shipping issues.
Hey @Nicotine_River be honest with your customers they are way more understanding than you would think but you have to tell us the truth! Otherwise we eventually figure out that we are not getting the whole truth and move on.


Hello everyone! As horrible as it seems, the truth is the fact that our shipping has constant errors and after hiring numerous shipping rate calculating companies still we have had no good luck.

The reason why we began to offer Free Shipping is due to the fact that our normal rates can be so outlandish that it would turn the customer away. All in all, Free Shipping is currently our solution to our horrible shipping costs from time to time.

Every shipping company we’ve used has the same excuse: “Your company has too many products that vary in weights, sizes, box dimensions, etc.” Basically stating we have too much ground to cover and every company so far has failed to improve our costs.

I’ll bring this up in our meeting today and address this with the owner. I can assure you, we do not enjoy having customers turn away from our site due to a buggy shipping cost. We’ve lost many great & loyal customers due to this and it’s always been an issue that seems to keep coming back.

Thank you!


This is strange, the shipping should be much quicker than this! We’ve been improving our facility to ship out more orders and so far it’s been doing so.

Please PM me your order number.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I do appreciate the honest feedback as this is the crucial information that helps us progress and grow as a company. This will be brought up in the meeting and we are hoping to take care of this issue once and for all.

Seems to just keep coming back now matter how many companies we use to help us, I do apologize on behalf of our company for the delay in resolving the issue!

Thank you


Did get it in today.


Still waiting, For Pipeline Please @Nicotine_River


Hello, it’s been ordered and is currently in transit :slight_smile:

The flavor will be up on the site once it arrives

Thank you


Thanks I will be and have been waiting for Black for Pipe. another order will be made as soon as it Poland can ship. Thanks again, as always my go to supplier.:yum:


Just placed a good size order today at 2pm, and it was already picked up by FedEx by 4:40 :slight_smile: . Should be to me in no time at that rate :slight_smile: TY NR!


Hello everyone! We’ve been working diligently and results have started to show!

Our warehouse has begun to process orders throughout the weekend. Although they’ll still ship Monday due to FedEx & USPS pick up times, we can assure you all that the shipping speeds should be much quicker than they previously were :slight_smile: :tada:

Please note that although the warehouse operates, our office does not operate weekends so all phone calls and emails will be answered the following business day!

Let me know if you need anything here! Thank you!


My most recent order was placed late at night on January 16th. It was processed and shipped the next day and got to my door on the 18th. Less than 48 hours and it was in my hands. Not sure how it could get any better. Thanks NR. :slight_smile:


Some of the best news I’ve heard all day! Glad to hear everything went smoothly with your package :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! We’ve had many requests for “WS-23 Cooling Agent” however, we discovered there is a safer alternative to this product tested by a toxicologist called “WS-3”. Good news is, WS-3 is extremely similar to WS-23 and offers the same qualities! Feel free to check it out,

Thank you! :slight_smile:


If you guys have the chance (or have already), I’d be very curious in hearing any thoughts you might have on either of the WS products vs FA polar blast.