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Norseman’s Review on the 1928 MTL RDA from Cthulhu


@adary Have fun with it when it shows up and i hope you like it.

@SmilingOgre Thanks man



  1. The Allen key is included in the package and no it isn’t any cutouts on the squonk pin.

  2. It can actually be really leak proof since it got the chimney and the cutouts on the deck where you tuck in the wicks like you do it on an RTA. That prevent liquid from flowing freely into the chamber and it doesn’t get into the airflow as easy.

  3. I have tested it on TC and i can’t say that i had any issues at all. It worked fine for me when i tested anyway.

Hope that answers your questions.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. :wink:

I’m a 99% tank vaper, since portability has always been my main goal. RDA usage has always been for relaxation time at home or flavor testing. The 1928 gives me hope. :grinning: