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Norseman’s Review on the Pulse X BF Kit from Vandy Vape


Thanks man. It is a nice little squonk mod for sure.


Thank you for the review!
I have not tried squonk mod yet.


Thanks for the comment.


Let us know your thoughts on squonking!


I will let you know hoe I like it. I have tried squonking already I do like the flavor but it is in my mind that I will get a dry hit so I am not to fond of it. But when I saw this set up I really liked it and I’m hoping my fear of dry hit will go away.


Squonking as a whole…so far, I’m liking it. But with the Pulse X (being a beginner) I have a bit of learning curve for re-inserting the squonk bottle. I was getting some oozing while trying to put that little tube onto the 510 fitting. Need to figure out how to push it on without applying pressure . Or maybe screw the bottle on after I get it fitted.


Easiest way i found to get the bottle back on without any mess is to hold it at the top plastic part that doesn’t give in. That way you will have the least mess. Or you get yourself a re-fill bottle since that makes everything basically mess free with no liquid besides in the bottle.


Glad to hear your liking it!!
I found it easier to get the battery out of the way and do as @Norseman suggests. haven’t tried to leave the tube on and screw the bottle back onto it. I also try and keep a finger on top of the tube until I get it nearly in place to reinsert it or when screwing the cap back on the bottle!
I do like the refill bottle the best. Makes it a clean no fuss operation!! It also allows you to be more conveniently mobile with the squonk set up!


Refill bottle and a few spare squonk backup bottles on order.

One question though. What method is used to clean that rubber bottle? I’ve noticed it retains the aroma from the previous juice after rinsing it out.


I clean mine with water and baking soda. Overnight soak takes the smell out almost completely


Cool. Thank you!


Has anyone ran this mod in TC mode? Was messing around this morning over coffee and built a 2-26/34 fused clapton out of SS316L wire. 7 wraps at 3mm id and crammed it into the single coil Hadaly! My first foray into tc mode, and what a pleasant surprise! Started at 450 and it bout lit my lips afire!! Tinkered with it for a bit and settled at 345 degrees and it is kick ass!! Nice and cool and a very enjoyable vape!!


rumor has it that the last firmware update fixed the TC mode. 005 and 006 version firmware had pretty ‘meh’ TC. I still didn’t try it on 007 firmware since i’m happy with VW mode on it


I had heard that but have always vaped in power mode so never gave it a second thought! I did the firmware update when it first became available. This is my first time playing with TC and I am liking it so far!! I now need to order up some different wire and do some more playing!!


I love TC in general. but on all small RDA’s I use on the pulse I use ni80 wire (no particular reason for it actually) so no TC there :smiley: