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Norseman's Review on the Bonza RDA from Vandy Vape


Thanks bro :+1:
Glad you think i was spot on with that review and also that you seem to agree. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the Bonza if you pick it up.


It is strange that you are having leaking issues, and condensation…that is really strange. I’ve had my Aura for a couple of months now use it and 2 or 3 other RDA’s I have on a daily basis, I have yet to have my Aura leak, unless of course I over squonk, or having just squonked it lying the mod a thus the Aura as well on its side…then yes it will leak, otherwise I have yet to see this RDA leak mine just doesn’t. I have put my Aura through the wringer as well, low ohm builds, for me a .12 is low for others not so much. Hell I’ve had a .45-.50 ohm build have used it mostly on a mech squonker, but have a few times put it on my Lost Vape Therion squonk mod. The Bonza is also a fantastic RDA I’ve had zero trouble from it as well, both the Bonza and the Aura have super deep juice wells which I am a huge fan of.


I’m late replying but also late to the party. I just got this RDA a few days ago.

First, excellent review!

As far as side airflow RDA’s go, this is by a very wide margin my favorite! I can’t think of one thing about it that I don’t like. Flavor on this thing is just slightly below my bottom airflow RDAs. But only slightly. So easy to build on, love that raised squonk pin, yup, it’s a winner! And it works very nicely on the Gbox!! And on that note, I’m saying this is basically the perfect Squonk Mod/RDA combo.


Thanks bro :+1:
Happy that this one totally fits your vaping style and seem to give you what you are after. I like this RDA as well and i think Bogan and Vandy Vape has a winner here.


Very nice review on a nice looking unit.


Thanks man. It is a great rda for both normal dripping and squonking.


If someone needs help with the coil placement of the Bonza:


Great review…i was just saying the other day i wanted the Bonza…now that i seen your review its a sure thing to get…thanks for the review…


Thanks guys.
@AlanS i hope you like it when it finally arrives so you can use it.


:+1: two thumbs up​:+1:


Thanks a lot man :+1: