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Norseman's Review on the Drop RDA from Digiflavor


Hey bro
I can’t speak for any of the others that have reviewed this rda but if i am gonna say anything it is a combination of positioning the coils and what kind of coils used. In the review i used Staggered Fused Claptons and i don’t know but they were really good and might be one of the things that made the difference. I also think that cutting off the airflow and make it a bit restricted helps out as well.

Hope that was to some help for you and gave you something to tinker on with.



I don’t see a whole lot of positioning options with this if mounting to the top as designed. I tried three different builds yesterday. One was round wire - 24ga 6 wraps at 3.5mm. No good. So I spun up a fused Clapton and dropped it lower in between the posts. That was much better and I imagine due to airflow hitting the coil directly. Last a triple staggered fused but of course back to “upstairs “ again. Decent flavor but very beastly.

My thinking is if building on this thing as designed, flavor will always suffer due to indirect airflow. That’s why I posted my question here. Where are people getting this “awesome” flavor from? My normal builds of late are those dual 24ga round wire ones. I get amazing flavor from all my RDA’s (that I use anyway) with it but this thing seems to need more exotic wire to achieve anything remotely comparable. Now don’t stare to close at my single coil one. It’s fk ugly I know, but it took some coaxing to get it positioned :slight_smile: And yeah I know, should have had the legs on the opposite side of the coil. :crazy_face:


My thoughts when I first viewed it was “The airflow has got to be messed up on this thing, because of the way they’ve added the 4 holes at the top, which almost have to add turbulence where you least want it.” (At the last phase of the ‘air channel’ where you want a smooth, steady stream: where entering the mouthpiece.) IMO, this is the primary reason why flavor is perceived as being superior when tops are domed. The air path is being smoothed towards the outlet…
This design seems to go against that (creating turbulence at the top).

Anyways, the other thing that confused me about this was the reference to a “postless” deck

As both the picture above (4th review pic) and below (5th pic) clearly have posts. 4 posts in the first deck, 2 posts in the second deck.

When I read postless, I think along the lines of the Vandy Vape Mesh rda (or similarly flat) deck

I keep seeing a lot of recommendations for it though… So I’m obviously not understanding things either. But it’s curious, and I try to continue to understand…


Ok, so I added a new build today. Triple 24ga SS round wire. This is almost as good as that crazy ass staggered build from last night, sans the insanity of a powerful volcano. This is actually a decent vape, just not as good as most of my other RDAs. Honestly with all the hype I’ve read from others I’m a little surprised no one has come on to tell me what the secret is for flavor on this thing. Sleeping? :slight_smile:


Tinkering more tonight. This one is really nice. 24ga SS on 2.5mm