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Norseman's Review on the V5 from Vape Mechanic


Very nice share. I use a few mechs, one of which i trust myself using a heat sink w/ hybrid top over the stock 510 top cap, they can cause “problems” too even tho they are authentic. You may want to look into a broadside tube mech to relieve your itch, they put a lot of work into making them as safe as a mech could be.


Thanks for a nice share and for commenting.

Unfortunately for you i don’t share that fear of hybrid mech mods.

I haven’t had any issues or mishaps at all since i started using hybrid mechanical mods. I always make sure the wraps on my batteries doesn’t have any tear in them, i use only Sony VCT5A on my mechs and i only use rda’s with protruding enough 510 pins. I do however build pretty low but i still play it safe in the end.

I do hope you will get over that fear or do as @worm1 said and go for a Broadside or similar that has a 510 top cap and other safety features to satisfy your needs.


Its all good, I use good batteries, the wraps have no tears, nicks, dings, etc, use only hi amp batteries usually something like the LG’s some times will get the Efest batteries, and of course I wind up getting the VTC5 batteries mostly. That said, I have several RDA’s that has the protruding 510 they will work on the hybrid mods, just can’t say that they are my favorite kinda mod ya know.

Now then, I did look at the Broadside line OMG…they are freakin beautiful mods! The titanium is a bit pricey but even at $220-$250 is not a bad price for the mod. Not that I need a titanium mod just sayin. I’ve never been a huge fan of copper, I have a copper mod got it in a trade some time ago. Took the time to clean it up after I got it cuz…DAMN it was nasty, inside & out. Took a full day took it all apart as far as it would go cleaned it got it nice and shiny and all. Damn batteries won’t fit, well they fit but a very, very tight fit so…I put it up and cleaned up my old EhPro brass Manhattan. I am however looking at the brass and/or the black Broadside Admiral not big on brass either, but the Broadside brass is purdy. SIGH…decision, decisions, I will get one, might not be this payday or even next, but then again I never know the mood might hit me and I’ll order one in the next couple weeks. Will let y’all know what I come up with, oh…another one I’ve seen that looks kinda neat and saw a review on it from the Vaping Biker, its the NATO I think its called. I don’t remember exactly but I think Dean had a concern about the mod, but then again with my brain not working right I forget way too easily. I might just be blowing smoke up my own ass lol. We shall see, enjoy the week end, thanks for all the great info guys.


Which tube were u referring to where the batt was very tight? I have one that is and had ‘experience’ that could have gone worse. If u decide to use that particular one, be extra cautious making sure your wraps are perfect and remove the battery when u cant keep and eye on it. I had a very small nick on a wrap in a tube that was tight, shorted and continued to fire until the batt was depleted, it melted all the insulators and cotton turned to dust. luckily it had vtc5a and .2 build so it never vented. Sry for the slight derail, then again bad stories make everyone more cautious.


Thank you @Norseman
I read the review with great interest. In detail and with objectively.
I haven’t mech mod yet. But such a review makes one think about buying.