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Not really a question, but something to share and get feedback on


Check ebay as well, if you havent. I get mine there and free shipping i think. But again, maybe different for where you are


Really, the absolute spot! 46 cent 30ml glass dripper bottles. It looks like a too good to be true must buy cases/bulk type spot but its not, theres no minimum. I dont remember if i ordered from their site or from ebay but i remember the box that the bottles came in was white and had their GBO logo in black. Which is irrelevant, it j7st makes me think a place is official when they have logos on boxes, lol, that shit cost money and shows they care about detail. I thought this is where i got my totally rad 240ml clear glass bottles with drippers from but im not seeing them on their site.


Looks like a great source!

@SessionDrummer, don’t you use this type of bottle? This may be too good to pass up. .06 per bottle.


@plunderdrum that rocks !!!


@Plunderdrum Thanks for the heads up. Looks like super sale on all of their discontinued items…

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Even with shipping, about .09 per bottle.


Awesome! Glad I could help. Thanks for the tip, @netweight.


Just ordered 2 cases of 60ml! Smokin deal! Or should it be vaping deal?:sunglasses:


Yeah I use vinegar too ,its great .Gets rid of flavour residue .