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OK, what's the REAL DEAL with Stainless Steel Wire?


It is actually rated at 25amps


If i am on the run that would be nice for sure :wink:


well for me… the pros are:

  1. better taste (Subjective) though with KA1 i get some light metallic taste.
  2. works great in both TC and Watts mode
  3. unlike other wires doesn’t leave any aftertaste or whatever (taste subjective)


  1. needs a little more experience when building with it, cleaning hotspots, dryburn it etc…KA1 is more more forgivable…
  2. makes about half Ohms on same ga and Wraps than KA1 (Even Lower than Nichrome too in comparisson with kanthal) (it’s not always the best choice when working with more complex wires like Fused Claptons, etc) specially if you don’t have much room for your coil or your mod can’t handle very low resistance… this is subjective though imho…
  3. it gets dirty kinda faster than others though i don’t really care since i find the taste better…

now for the deal…
it’s all about what you like better what your needs are, taste is subjective (others say SS gives a way great taste some other can’t even feel the difference), depending on hardware you have sometimes SS can be a heaven some other times can be a real hell while it works great in both TC and Power mode that makes it versatile (unlike Ni200 (can’t work on Power mode), KA1 (CAn’t work in TC), Ti (Can’t work in Power mode etc) but in overall it’s all about your choice mate… try some coils with SS or other wires and check the difference yourself, it’s the best thing you can do…

if someone wants to start posting about chemistry in wires etc etc etc… oh well, seriously, i was a really heavy smoker before… vaping changed my life and i am feeling healthier, also my expenses dropped really much in comparison with stinkies and that’s enough for me in reality… i wouldn’t like to be on a race of “this does that and that doesn’t and this is safer and that isn’t” for a dmg reduction of like 1-3% or something like that… if someones makes a choice and using Ti for example (that i really hate the taste of it) it’s his choice, if he finds pleasure while vaping with it i am fine with it, if we can’t find pleasure with what we are doing then at least in long term we will not continue doing it… and vaping imho is saving and making our lives better… choose what brings you more pleasure mate, and keep vaping…


Thx @Norseman when I looked it up could of swore it was 15 lol my mistake thx for pointing it out! That did seem low for a Sony Will edit!


316l surgical stainless all the way. I use 22 and 24 g the most for cores now and wrap with 30-34g. As many coils as I personally go through I t r y to keeps the builds lower in gauge and lower in ohm for my needs. I like to keep it at .1-.2 ohm and vape from 75w-150w or 100 joules at 275-315f. Tried all kinds of wire and I find that personally ss is the one for me. It’s pretty easy to work with too :).


Those are some sick coils!


hey thanks :slight_smile: i used to sell them on ebay along with mods, attys, batteries and chargers until ebay shut me down due to them being “considered a tobacco product” even though the people that were selling in competition are still selling the exact same things ‘still’ a year later. really was a nice side income for me and my family for the few months it lasted. now i just do biz locally.


Ugh that sucks. Such BS.


yeah i don’t even understand the politics behind that. i talked to one rep on the phone who “didn’t understand why they took my listings down, I’ve been selling the same items for years.” until you get higher up the chain and they claim to not discriminate on their selective policy enforcement. I was told if I relisted anything I would be banned from using ebay again.


now i am trying to try and make labels to sell one shot concetrate’s to local stores. i suck at design though. i can hardly draw stick figures lol.


Wow that’s harsh. :-1:

Then fancy text it is, huh? Lol


Clip art that shit!


I did some fancy text labels yesterday to put on some bigger bottles that I need to mix up. So simple and they turned out pretty well I think!! Sometimes simple is just fine.


Those look good!


Science says otherwise. Of the 3 most prevalent materials used for TC vaping, Stainless changes resistance the least.

Nickel N200

Titanium Grade 1

316L Stainless


What now, Walt?


Hmmmm, well so far, it actually DOES taste cleaner to me than my stand by, Kanthal. So if it’s cleaner tasting (to whatever degree), and the resistance is seemingly the most stable, what’s WRONG with SS I wonder ??


I can’t speak to “what’s wrong” with stainless but I like it just fine. It can be a little springy. It can be cumbersome to get higher resistance builds in some atties. Of the available choices for TC, I like SS the best. It’s done a fine job for me.


Alright, that’s fair. Springy’nes I can deal with.


In my opinion…nothing. I prefer it. However, I also believe due to it’s relatively flat resistance change when heated, the resistance fluctuations are so minor that it takes a little more accurate mod to work well in TC mode as opposed to say N200 or Ti1 which have a comparatively steeper resistance curve. For example -

This is Kanthal

And this is 316L

Compared to the graphs from my previous post that showed N200 and Ti1, SS is basically flat. This means that for every degree of temperature increase there is far less change in resistance. It’s there, just not as exaggerated. I suspect the general TC vaping public having the most issues with TC working well with stainless wire are also using cheaper mods. Those mods are also often reported to work great with nickel and titanium, but the curve on those materials is so much steeper that changes in resistance are “seen” much easier by the board…hence better performance. As for a vaping wire, I love SS in both TC and power mods. On regulated and unregulated mods.