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Opinions required - which is your favourite blackcurrant?


I actually quite like this Blackcurrant but find it needs over 10% to start to shine? Wish it was a bit more concentrated but still it’s very,very nice!
My all out favourite Blackcurrant is Inaweras, can’t fault it at all in mixes whether solo or as a mixer.
But then Flavour Arts Blackcurrant is very nice.
God I love Blackcurrant!


Chewy, could you help me out trying to create or find a lovely rich, sweet ribena type blackcurrant recipe please? In my basket I’ve got inw blackcurrant and fa blackcurrant. Which is the least tart would you say?
Any pointers much appreciated


I think both black currants are very good.
FA is more like the actual berry, so a bit more tart than Inaweras offering.
Inaweras blackcurrant, although it has the tartness, it is more syrupy tasting.
Both benefit from sweetener to round out the berry and get the sweetness of Ribena, the % will be your own preference but if you go with Inw then it really needs 24hrs with the cap off to lose the strong, almost alcohol aspect to the concentrate. And both like a good couple of days steeping to round out the flavour.
For a Ribena type I would look at
5% Inw blackcurrant ( wouldn’t go higher than 8%)
1% FA blackcurrant
0.3% Flv grape ( grape really compliments blackcurrant and vice versa)
2% and up sweetener.

Play around with these to get what you’re looking for.


Thanks Chewy for your reply and a great starting point.


I’m, afraid my answer is totally predictable to anyone who knows me. But i just can’t help it. Sorry, but MF Blackcurrant is bloody amazing, just like most of the MF flavours ( I do find the occasional exception. Honest!). But hey, if you balk at £9.99 for 30 ml. I guess £20 or so for 15ml isn’t going to appeal (not even if you use it at <1%) . It’s well worth it though, IMO (and no, I’m not rich, scaping by on disability benefits in fact. But hey! I’m saving money on smokes :slight_smile: )


That’s not terrible if one only uses it once in a while. But if one is using it in an ADV/old-standby sort of way, even making 200ml is not much at all. Heck, for my own old-standby I’ve made ~480ml of it. And I would venture to guess that most DIY’ers are chain vapers (since it’s so very much cheaper).

However OTOH, I would also venture to guess that most DIY’ers mix SO many different flavorings, that we are rarely making 30/120/480 ml at a time. At least not if we’re doing DIY the CORRECT way. :wink: There are just way WAY too many flavoring and combinations to try, to be making much more than 10ml at a time. :sunglasses: For me, I only make larger amounts for my old-standby’s in tanks - for when I don’t feel like farting around with dripping at the time, or for on-the-go.

(And yeah, scraping on disability here as well. We absolutely NEED our hobbies to not go totally bonkers. :smile: )