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Orange - Other wise known as Orangey'mc'Orange Face


Whats the word on the two new FA orange flavors?


I like them. Blood orange is the best blood orange I’ve tried…compared to FW and RF Sc. I tried swapping out for fa’s in a few recipies…but I went conservative and it didn’t pop just right…so I will up the blood orange bit.


Thank you for this article! I LOVE Blood Orange (FW)! What on earth can be better? I just wonder…I have not tried any other than Flavorah BO, but FW is much better. Only minus is, I use a lot of it 6-13%.


Nectarine? It’s not an orange. It’s fruit with stone in it.


Thanks for this. I long ago settled on FW’s Oranges as being the most balanced and natural flavours, and am enthusiastic about FA’s latest variants.

However, the much bigger issue for me is the throat hit from the nicotine. I find this with Apple too, where I want to achieve a natural fresh squeezed result without skewing it with cream and bakery etc. Those flavours are in most juices and seem to protect the throat, but I can’t use them here. Even the Marshmallow you like is too funky for me. I’ve found a bit of FA fresh cream helps as does Citric Acid, and sweeteners offer distraction. But still, even after 12 months steeping, the sharpness is still there. You cease to notice it after a half dozen puffs, but it’s like sandpapering your throat in the meantime.


I agree with the harshness. I did get some new orange flavors in and will be adding to the list.

As of late… juicy orange cap I found to week with that non fun throat hit. Tangerine flv I am vaping the tester right now is a winner…not real orange throat hit and the flavor is pretty authentic. I should be able to post the rest of the results in more detail in the next couple of weeks.

Orange shisha inw, orange dream bar FW and I think another one is on deck…can’t remember. Lol.


I’m not totally done testing, it’s only been two weeks, but NicVape’s clementine is really impressing me right now. It’s a juicy sweet orange flavor and no harshness or throat tickle that I’ve noticed with other citrus flavors. It reminds me more of a Tang or SunnyD type orange rather than an orange juice type orange, although there is some “natural” orange in there as well. Unless it changes, it’ll be my favorite orange flavor.


Hmmm. Interesting. Not sure if I’m going to buy more orange flavors. Lol. After my last purchase of a bunch I realized yesturday there are a bunch I may never touch again. Oh so sad.


I’ve got some Orange Shisha on the go and it has some nice fresh juicy qualities, but it’s very strong and I think I’ve gone way overboard at 3%… Will look for FLV and NicVape next time I’m ingredient shopping.

I’m revisiting my nic. I’m using Chemnovatic, which came well ahead of a couple of others in my blind tests, but if Element can do it with Fresh Squeeze (even if it tastes like marmalade) perhaps it’s just down to really superior nic? Certainly at 1-2mg I’m much happier with the results than at 3mg. I have a feeling it also has something to do with alcohol in the concentrates, which Element must somehow manage to avoid or cook off. (Which might explain the marmalade flavour lol)


Have you tried liquid pyure stevia?


Ive been recommending NicVape for over a year now… Curious what other NV flaves you have tried. I have pretty much the whole line and most of the newer ones too and can offer my thoughts on any you have your eye on :wink:


That’s a thought. Stevia has an off taste for me so I’ve shelved it in general, but will try some.


Yeah I’ve tried sweeteners. It’s always worth a try since everyone is different. But to orange throat hit I haven’t found it to help much.

I think it may be one of those things people experiance more so than others. Like pepper taste from vbic. Upon posting a couple mixers I highly respect and love their mixes sent me some private recipes. In most cases that throat hit was there. Sad I know…but it leads me to believe that one component I am super sensitive to while others in an orange vape I’m drawn to. It’s weird, and I’m weird. I just did side by side tests on my strawberry custard mixes with cucumber, cactus, and pepper…just for giggles.


Pyure is very clean almost no dicernable flavor. I made an Orange Phanta mix and used pyure to tame the orange. Got several comments as to how smooth the juice was…


I agree, as long as its used low enough. I’ve found that .4% is as high as I can go with it before the bitter aftertaste comes through.


Agreed. I actually dilute mine by half (2ounces pyure , 2 ounces PG into a 120ml glass boston round. The PG gives it a longer shelf lifem I then use 0.5% so its actually only 0.25%


That’s a really good idea. I think I’m going to do that too.


It’s going to sound a bit off, but have you tried adding a bit (0.75%) of persimmon to your orange? I’ve found that it compliments citrus recipes that lack that “juice” feel. A bit of Apple (0.5%) will also help get you to the “juice”. Don’t use Fuji though, it does awful things to the background notes.


Hmmm. Nope. Where would one get that?


Flavorah. I know bull city flavors sells it in 15ml size. It doesn’t take much at all. It is pretty good as an SA, too. I don’t know where they were getting persimmons from too compile the flavor profile, but it’s way better than any persimmons I’ve ever eaten.