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Please help Vaping is making me So Sleepy


Here’s a good read !


Lots of good info. Tthank you!


I keep it bookmarked on my phone. Always a good reference.


I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but you can add caffeine to your liquids. I don’t know if it works though.


I’d like to know this aswell.
I haven’t vaped at all today, ill get to the bottom of this and report back.

In 2009 i used a “ego” actually it was a “tornado” from totally wicked, I made my own eliquid aswell,when I got to much nicotine it gave me hiccups,my wife also experienced hiccups when she had over done it with nicotine. We used 24mg & 36mg.
I’ve not gotten hiccups once even by accident vaping this time, to me it stands to reason that I’m in nicotine withdrawal which seems to be making me extremely sleepy.

Does this make sense to you guys “in theory”.

Without trying one thing at a time I’ll never find out so I’ll start the process of elimination in the morning.


Good luck on your trials. I hope you can get to root of the problem. Let us know how it turns out.

This aired last week on Dr. Oz “Vaping and Caffeine”…


It almost sounds like you may have a very mild allergic reaction to one of your ingredients. Allergies can produce any number of symptoms from itchiness, rash, swelling, and yes even fatigue. Prolonged exposure to anything that causes an allergic reaction is more likely to increase the severity of the reaction over time rather than lessen it so it’d be worth looking in to… just to be safe. Whether it is a flavoring component, or the glycerin itself, something you’re allergic to being in contact with your lungs and throat could lead to asthma or worse. Better safe than sorry so, if nothing else works for you, I’d try to figure that out and as suggested above try a flavorless blend and work from there.

I’m not ruling out anyone’s suggestions as they’re all viable causes, I’m just being sure to add another one to check out if those don’t work for you =)


What did the brain scan say ? I watched the clip but it didn’t go back after the commercial and give a detail of his scan. Dr. Oz said it did seem delayed on him and that he did get a bigger buzz ? I’m at work on break maybe when I’m off I can find the whole episode.


I missed that episode too. I looked this up online but I sure you find it on that site.


Hopefully Tuesday I’ll get some blood work done that will explain the sleepiness.

For the record I’ve had 1 episode of this sleeping issue without vaping in 24 hours.
This makes me think it’s either a deficiency of some sort.
I’ve started a b12 supplement in hopes it will help,I know I’m missing something vitamin/mineral wise,I just can’t put my finger on it.


If I Vape at a real low nic level I get sluggish and yawn. However when I Vape at a higher than normal nic level, it feels like a rush for a little while, but then crash and feel sluggish. Once I realized the problem picked the level my body preferred and stayed at that level and never happens to me anymore. Same thing happened to me with cigs. Felt bad smoking to many to fast or not enough.


I agree with the ups and downs of nicotine.
My issue is I’ll start vaping and 20 minutes later I’ll literally be fighting to stay awake at times.
It’s obviously from something I’m vaping,
as dumb as it sounds.


Did you get your lab levels back ? Hopefully it is something vape related and not you. Did you try out any of the bases without flavoring? I had a bizarre tingling forehead nose and chin last week and at a glance thought maybe I have an increase in nic in my mixes since I recently added mixing the nic by weight instead of a syringe ( i used to just measure out the nic part ) but I tested it and it was spot on. Then I looked at my recipes and noticed I started climbing back up on PG use which is not a friend of mine at all. Quickly made a few VG max mixes and diluted the old pg heavy ones ( even 20% I can’t do ) and problem solved. Maybe if you just vape a pg vg nic base and see it you still get sleepy you may be able to eliminate the problem if it happens to be vape related. like many others suggested. Keep us posted I hope your doing better,


I did a fasting blood test and everything was fine diabetes wise, this doesn’t help me know the source of fatigue & my only 2 options are to wake one morning and Vape low nicotine levels and compair that to doing the same with higher nicotine levels and compair the difference.
Next step would be process of elimination,by starting with just v.g. and lil by lil add things until I don’t get that out of control sleepiness.
I’ll report back as I figure these things out.

I’ve not tried anything new lately, my daughter had her baby Wednesday so I’ve been extremely busy helping her as I can,once things settle ill get back to trial and error.


Well congratulations granddaddy ! I am glad it’s not diabetes it would of been the worst of all the things we were streamlining. Such a sad and terrible disease. Well it’s sounds like you have a plan. Here’s hoping to your trial and errors there will be more trials less errors and less fatigue. But a BaBy OOO there is a huge fatigue factor lol I hope y’all take turns and get rest in between. :wink:


I’m not a doctor. Don’t want to push the Diabetes angle as it could be so many other things, or nothing at all. I can only tell you what happened to me.
I tried to quit smoking about 5 years ago and did for about 3 days. NEVER been so tired. I couldn’t stay awake. Went back to smoking (before I knew of vaping)
Felt fine when I smoked again.
Same thing happened when I quiet the last time, started to vape. I can now trace back, what i believe, was the onset of diabetes to something else that happened at that same time. I still was tired 6 months in of vaping, no cigs but as soon as i was diagnosed, and put on some pills, that all went away.
Just mention it to ur doctor and no doubt they will know what it is.
You will get it all sorted out,


Same problem with vaping for more than a year. Went to the doc a few times after I started vaping to see why I was so tired all of a sudden. All tests were fine. Once I checked out OK with the doc, I knew what it was.

I have an allergy to soy based oils (skin stings if I eat foods saturated with it for a couple days). Vaping high VG blends make my throat itch and chest heavy, But mostly ZZzzz’s me out hard. VG can be made from soy (usually is) and is not good for the body at all. Switched to VG derived from Palm and it solved the problem.


I started getting really sleepy around the time I started to vape and quit cigarettes, thought there might be a link too but it doesn’t make sense. I am nodding off all the time, I sit anywhere, in front of my computer or anywhere and I doze off, sleeping all day… finally had a sleep anpnea test and that was the problem, maybe you could ask your doctor to do a sleep test and see if that is why you are always tired. good luck


yes it makes the most sense since nicotine is a stimulant but dont leave anything to chance getva check up to eliminate the potential health problems


Been anemic can cause tiredness too, which you mentioned it been a possibly.
If been anemic 3 times in the past which made me sleep most the day and night lol. I had to take iron once for over a year at one point