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Post your flavor stash here :)


If it’s helping you to make juice to keep off the smokes, then it’s the perfect size. I’ve got flavors that I haven’t even tested yet, and have ZERO clue as to why I bought them. I’m sure I stumbled across a recipe or three that required one or two, but I’ll be damned if I can remember them…


You’ve got quite the collection going-How’s that Shirley Temple (NN)? Man, do I miss those. Used to drink them every time we went out to eat with the grandparents. Felt so grown up, over some 7-up and grenadine! LOL!


What do you mix that ice cream at?? Gotta make another order!!


Holy SMOKES JOJO do you have a room big enough to house all those flavors???


Yes i got lazy with the name!


You have it marked as private lol all I see is 9% on your post lol it’s just a single flavor so that’s awesome thanks!


you should be able to see it! another recipe did that to @SessionDrummer yesterday, he had to refresh to see it.


Sure why not


I just had a mass cull of about 80+ flavours which are currently residing in the bottom draw of the fridge.


@Cutlass92 I’m seeing the same thing he is. Will refresh and see…


@woftam, Hehe, I didn’t show a pic of my fridge. Yours does look pretty darn full. I think it’s because you have TOO much of that INW MC in there !!!


oh there is about 500ml stashed away in the bottom lmao.


@Jayrell @SessionDrummer its public now, i may make one with koolada since its supposed to be cold.:sunglasses:


I think it MIGHT be a problem with cookies here. I reloaded, but was forced to log back in, and now I can see it.


I have had that problem where i cant see anything until i log out and back in.


@woftam How long will it take you to get through all that Bud ?


so what your saying is we should hit you up for some and help you make room!


Depends on a few things - if business keeps growing hopefully the turn over of flavours will accelerate.

@Cutlass92 I am going to PIF a bunch soon (month or 2 when work drops off) - flavours I don’t use but since the shipping will be crazy to anywhere else but Australia i will probably send to someone (someones) in AU.


that is very nice of you! and i was joking about the inw mc!


lol that my friend will not go anywhere (except in juice) for now lol

still a few left


i want to try it, but… I don’t think i will as i am afraid i will love it then run out, and never find it again, so i just wont try it so i don’t miss it!
i hope that makes sense to you.