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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


Oddly enough after 4 week steeps of lemon mf and inw I’m finding that I want to cut back. Still testing. Lol.


Which of the 2 or both? I haven’t tried Lemon INW so I’m not sure how it is, But I’ve spent quite some time with Lemon MF and I’ve learned to measure this one in drops (as in 1 or 2 drops per 15-30 mls of finished juice). The MF IMO is a “upsteeper”, meaning it gets stronger with a good steep. It can also get too much zest at higher %s.


what is the highest percent you have used MF ?? i believe ive went to .33 pct ive found it performs well at .25 pct but am wanting to test in a recipe at .5


if i remember correctly you started at apprx 1pct with mf ??


I think I started testing the Lemon MF around .5% and quickly found it to too much for my taste. I have a rule for certain MF extracts and it’s 1 or 2 drops per 15-30 mls of finished juice. Once I’ve tested the mix I can gauge if I need more, but I have ruined quite a few mixes with over flavoring.


That could be on my business cards.


I’m finding both to be too strong. Both I have been mixed with lemon Sicily fa. And one with lemon meringue cap.

Lemon mf I’m down to 0.15% and lemon inw (not shisha) down to 1%. Both of which at higher percents the lemon note was stringent and lingering. More so on inw. All of which is me screwing around with dinner lady concept recipes.


Yeah, Lemon (MF) is one that im going to test in a 10% PG dilution and then using it around .25%. The highest that i have gone with Lemon (MF) is .15% in a mix and at 1.5 months it overpowered the mix.

I could drop out the Lemon Sicily entirely in this mix and it might still be too much lemon.


From my findings with Lemon MF extracts 1 drop averages .03%… good enough for some palates mixed at 15mls. When combined with other Lemons, 2 drops should be more than enough. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.


Yeah I am an odd ball with fruits. I really like them super far forward. Some find it icky. Lol don’t get me started.

Either way…I got in kiwi inw. I’m not sure it was you or @Ken_O_Where that I got turned onto kiwi fa and I still love kiwi mf…but I must say kiwi inw may be my replacement for kiwi mf. I still need to vape one more 15 ml bottle 4 weeks from now but it’s very promising for an authentic but sweet kiwi when mixed with fa and tpa.


Maybe it was @Ken_O_Where. That’s a flavor I’ve tried, but haven’t figured out.


Kiwi for me has been best simple. I’ve tried twisting it with brown sugar and butter. Tried sliding it in with cookie. Nope.

Just a simple light mallow fa and a dash of light cream like whipped cream cap or fa or simple cream fresh fa (0.25%) to discover the nuances of the green, white, and brown of a kiwi. Mf adds all the natural and brown notes.


Thanks for the tidbits… these tips really helps. I’ll give it another go.


@Ken_O_Where you have given me so, so much advice that if I’m at ELR for the next 20yrs I’d still owe you. But if I could offer just one replacement to CCI it would be Frosting FLV. This flavor is really the best IMO when it comes to icing/frostings. Creamy/Powdered Sugar. Yep… they both offset each other, but that’s what I get from it. It’s just super in dessert mixes.


I’m shooting for a super sweet creamy base to be used in mixes like twinkies and cream puffs. I’m not sure how this will turn out, just hope it works.


Im surprised Inawera Lemon doesnt get mentioned more often as it seems to me the perfect lemon to put into bakery recipes as it has a lemon curd like lemon taste to me. I also really like there lemon mix concentrate as well, a really sharp punchy lemonade like flavour. Never tried MF lemon but the Inawera ones for me I much prefer over flavour arts and jungle flavours lemon flavourings that I have tried.


Made this for my son because he loves strong lemon and blueberry


I havent mixed this yet, but I was thinking about adding a little spice by dropping a cleaned and dried chili pepper in it overnight. I’ve read that someone used a cinnamon stick like that. Anyone try this kind of technique?


Not me, but it sounds exciting! Do it! Do it! :tada::tada::tada::tada:


ya im not a huge fan of FA but if its all a person can get it will work , i havent tried the Jungle but did try FE and because it reminded me of a lemonade i stayed away for me i try to avoid the lemonade tasting lemons , if you do have thw chance to try MF id highly suggest it , especially if your a lemon fan