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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part 1


A few of my most recent mixes I thought I would share here.


Here’s another that’s just a few days old. This one will change a bit but after all my failed attempts at new recipes over the past many weeks I wanted to share one that’s got me stoked. I mixed it yesterday (rather added the chocolate). The Heavy Cream is a new flavor for me and I’m finding it to be my new true love. I initially made it without the chocolate, but upon tasting it I could tell that would make a good addition. Of course this could all just fall into a batch of slurry after steep, but I have high hopes.

Glory Chocolate and Cream (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Cream Whipped (FA) 1.70
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.90
Glory (FA) 1.50
Heavy Cream (Amoretti) 1.50

Flavor total: 5.6%

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revisited this today and it has turned out very good to me, next batch I’m going to lower VTA honeycomb .25-.50, that honey is stronger after a long steep.
advise is welcomed , but it’s goood , smooth, burlee cookie. the vanilla is great, love that flavor.


Hopefully i could start consistently mixing , here are a couple i mixed up … One yesterday and one today

I cant wait to start digging in and making some New recipes , i almost forgot how soothing this is .


So were you listening to NWA when you came up with LBC, or was it just coincidence? :wink: :laughing:

Seriously though, that just reads like it’s money bud! :thumbsup:
Shockingly, I’ve got everything but FLV cream!


Lmao , your very observant … i had no clue what you meant until i just looked …


Can I sub the vanilla bean with a different vanilla?. Like holy vanilla.


It’s more “instinctual” really. chuckles
95% of the time, I internally auto-correlate everything to music in one form or another. Be it a melody, or lyrics. :wink:


Great Question . I used the vanilla bean and cream to fill in the gaps that i think are lacking in the VIC , and this is the first time ive used thw FLV VANILLA BEAN so im sure another vanilla will work fine , this is also a new recipe so its untested , please feel free to use the holy vanilla and report back ty

Note : either @Pro_Vapes or @Ken_O_Where gave me that idea to add a touch of vanilla and another cream to help the VIC


@robin if you got FLV smooth vanilla, that would bring that note up very well, but not many have that flavor or you don’t see to much of it, very pricey but well worth it.


HV has worked well for me with ice cream mixes.


Not based on this mix, but more in general based on my personal experience, shisha vanilla does a better job in amplifying/boosting or bringing out vanilla notes, even hidden ones, without giving you vapers tongue or muting out the mix. Maybe give it a try if you have it, if not use the HV.


I take it you have the HV?


Yeah for once I went and got it a couple months back lol.


I only asked because I’ve never experience this from HV… next to MF Vanilla it’s best I’ve had with good results and no side effects. This is the 1st I’ve heard of this complaint when using HV.


I don’t know but I get it quite frequently after vaping around 5-10ml of a mix that contains it. First I thought maybe I’m using it too high, but the first time it was in a mix at 0.5%. I then lowered it to 0.15-0.25% and even tried other mixes and solo, same result. Maybe I’m just sensitive to something in that holy vanilla blend.


personally i favor mf vanilla , i used this Flv vanilla bean bc i have not and felt i should try it lol


All flavorah , hopefully this turns out , i need more creams from this company … smells and taste good but i havent vaped yet


I seemed to get quite a few requests for this mix. My Sister in Law basically Vapes this and a Strawberry Milk recipe exclusively.


ive noticed you like to use the WF vanilla cream extra . Tell me about it please