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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


No but adding to shopping list! Thanks for the recommendation.


This turned out great!!

Mimosa Sunset : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1107797/Mimosa+Sunset

2% Champagne (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.6% Cherry (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.8% Lemonade (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.8% Orange (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.6% Pineapple (Flavorah)
0.2% Sweet Tart Candy (SC) (Real Flavors)

Flavor total: 5%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/8Q5X


I just must say… What in the world would we do without Pro Vapes?
Thank You dude. Been hunting for the info you provide. xoxoxo


I actually have all of those concentrates! First time EVER for one of your recipes PV! Look forward to hearing how it steeps :smiley:

Edit: all but the FA Whipped Cream which appears to be banned in the UK :weary:


tnat sucks i absolutely love that flave


I know! Cannot get it anywhere over here :weary:


@Lolly here is a place where you can get it and it is also a trusted vendor. I have bought stuff from them before without any issues.


You are a star! Thank you :smiley:


You are most welcome.
The prices are also pretty good i must say and the shipping isn’t bad either.


I haven’t been this excited about a recipe in a while. Guess that’s why I tried it today after only making it yesterday. Yeah, I know. Lot of flavors that require a good steep. But the little test I did today is very promising. Not sure how the BB will steep out though. Anyone know if it gains strength as it steeps? If not I’ll need to add another BB or perhaps some FA Bilberry. Whaddaya think?

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwich (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1
Blueberry (FW) 4.5
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 2.5
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.2
Marshmallow (TPA) 1.25
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 2.5

Flavor total: 15.95%

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I’m not sure if FW will fade. I do find that the bb zing can fade a bit. 0.25 of bilberry FA would help to add tidbits of bb. Maybe a ridiculous low percent of orange FA to…0.1-.2may add a zing.


My friend and I came up with this amazingly smooth vape recently figured I can’t copy html to text on my phone but I’d take a screenshot of it for y’all to try out.


Mike I would love to try this but I’m out of Juicy Peach. Not been very impressed with any of my attempts to use Jackfruit so far, so I’ll try a sub and get back. Thanks for the share!


The jackfruit is a pretty potent flavor, it does like to take over a bit, I have had limited success with it.


I’ve been so crazy busy lately that I haven’t had much time to mix, but when I have I’ve been trying to keep it simple so I can bang out a bunch of mixes quickly. I mixed this up just yesterday and as a snv it’s very tasty! We’ll see if it needs tweaking after a steep, but for now this is where it’s at.


Just 5 days out and this is so good! That Purilum Country Apple is the business! Thanks @Nicotine_River for the info a couple weeks back.

May need to tweak this some over the coming week or two, but today I’m just gonna vape it like there’s no tomorrow.

Apple Fritter (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 0.1
Baked Bread (VG) (Real Flavors) 3.5
Brown Sugar (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.25
Country Apple (Purilum) 4.25
Golden Butter (CAP) 0.75
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah) 0.05
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.5

Flavor total: 9.4%

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EDIT - @Walt_RealFlavors check out my use of VG Baked Bread. Right now this is an excellent use for the recipe. Do you think it will stay that way after a month steep?


YOUR NEW ADV! Hazelnut Vanilla Custard.

I have yet to hear anyone say they didn’t like it, I always here “holy crap this is good!”.


I just order like every purilum flavor except… Country Apple and a few others. Got a bad case of flavor envy now…lol 3.5% RF baked bread seems high. I think it may play nice with the AP in that mix and bend that flavor in the manner im guessing you had planned. I used it in a French toast mix at only 0.25% and could definately taste it in the mix.


SM used the rf vg not the rf sc (could I get any more intials in there idk lol)


I havent used that flavor in vg but I am vaping a couple single flavor vg batches I made in early Nov and they still have lots of flavor.