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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


that sounds good thank you


I don’t have any mf at all how would you compare the strength of mf to rf sc.

Looking at the notes i would guess at 3 - 4 x as strong ?

Edit: just read a few more notes some look about the same strength ish


From what I have used I’d say MF is 2-3x more potent. Like most vendors I find MF usage does vary. Sometimes you only need 1 or 2 drops… others might be 1-1.2%, depending on the mix.


Cool thanks - i will try it at 2x and see where that gets me @ 3.6 % the strawberry must be quite strong - but I love me some skittles.

Just re read


The SB in this mix is SB SC RF. I prefer the SC SB over the MF.


Ya my eyes deceived me i thought it was 3.6 % not 1.5 lol


Just time chime in…I love mf. Right now just vaping pear mf. Simple fresh cream with a bit of marshmallow FA and it’s just yummy.


I have the pear, but I haven’t used it but once. Care to share your recipe? I’d like to vape a good simple pear.


Turns out I have been vaping the below thinking of how to properly twist pear mf. Well, it turns out I twisted on my first mix. Lol. Every decision below is based on experiance and just smelling the concentrate.

Below represents how I mixed.

Mixed 1/15 70/30pg. Version 1. All flavors marked zero flavor pg/vg in ejuice me up.
Chris Pdx M’F’n Pear
Pear mf 2% (yup…I believe this may be the highest percent for this flavor)
Marshmallow FA. 1.5% (smooths edges, lifts bottom notes)
Pear FA 0.75% (yup to give a bit of “pear sweet”)
Fresh cream FA 0.5% (yup…yeah duh it’s there…it’s required for my style of simple fruits)
Fuji Apple FA 0.5% (this is what I call the reverse Fuji pear effect)

Min steep I would guess is two weeks. But at this I don’t touch anything till 4 weeks.

I don’t “air” out any of my mixes. 10 min hot water bath just so I could shake my mix on the sawzall.

Mallow could be dropped to 1% or 0.5% personally I may drop to 0.75% to allow for a harsher punch. But most people will not like that.

Future twist. 0.5% honeydew mf.


Thanx bro… pairing the 2 pears might be what I’m missing. I’ll give this a shot cause I love me some pears.

btw… good notes… very helpful.


Try Lemonade cookie TFA. This is more of a lemon tart, but the lemonade cookie is a light fluffy lemon flavor and is really good.
Lemon cookie with creamy filling - by Jazzy, Feb 17, 00:48
Ingredient ml Grams %
Cake Batter Dip (FW) 1.25%
CAP NY Cheesecake 1.6%
Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) 0.6%
Juicy Lemon (CAP) 2%
Lemon Sicily (FA) 1%
Lemonade Cookie (TPA) 1.5%
Whipped Cream (TPA) 1.5%

PG/VG-ratio: 12/88
Flavor total: 2.84 ml (9.45%)
Tastes good as a shake and vape (more like lemon meringue), gets more cookie-ish in 3+ weeks.


Nana Oat Bars look fantastic! I like that we are now in the same ballpark with flavorings, you make some really great stuff. I hearted it and will mix it up tomorrow but ill be using Banana SC RF at a slightly higher % just to see how it works out.


I mixed only one tonight:

It isnt really a V2, its a rewrite which resets it to V1. Just from the smell ill probably be looking at a Peanut Butter addition.

I mixed this during the weekend:

Another complete rewrite with current flavorings. I was thinking Cardamom (FA) as an addition. I want this release to be lighter, much lighter, in flavor than the other V’s.

I mixed this on the 14th:

Good call on the GC SC @Pro_Vapes, ill be replacing GC Clear with it in all my current recipes.

This one i have been working on since Paczki arrived at my home. There are 6 versions all together but i think this is the one i am moving forward with. I get to vape test several of them in a couple days.

The finger test is fantastic, in future versions i think ill be playing with the vanilla a bit, perhaps adding a bit of french van or ShishaV.

EDIT: One of these days ill stop tinkering with some of the recipes i work on and actually release them…


Two more for the steep box…



I mixed up lady in red yesterday but I did make 2 changes. I used hangsen cream because that’s what I had and not Italian cream. I also used paczki at 1.5%. It turned out really good. Thanks for the share it got me out of using my “regular/favorite for the moment” flavors :smile: I’ll see how it steeps but I’m thinking of adding just a touch of a donut flavor to it. I’m thinking maybe some FA zepolla (only bc I haven’t played with it yet) and just a touch of FLV frosting to it. Thanks again! It’s really good!


So I’m going to give some of these a taste test. I am just starting so will probably be a while. Just wanted to say woop woop! Obviously your a Ninja and just wanted to show some love! Thanks for sharing! Happy vaping!


Alright this is what I made today and OMG I’m so surprised at how freaking good this Connecticut Shade FLV is! It goes PURfect with these Purilum Flavors!! I added 2 drops Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 drop sweetener per 10ml or leave out per you’re taste buds!

Shady Wafer Nuts : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1308456/Shady%20Wafer%20Nuts

1% Cappuccino Coffee (Purilum)
1.5% Connecticut Shade (Flavorah)
0.5% Cream (Flavorah)
0.5% Milk Chocolate (Flavorah)
2% Nilla Wafer with Milk (Purilum)
3% Pistachio (TPA)
1% Sweet Tobacco (Purilum)
1% Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah)

Flavor total: 10.5%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/arm6


As a follow up to the Superstorm I want to get something a little sweeter. Not sure how the koolada is going to do in this mix and will drop it all together in one mix.


With the koolada dropped. Thought about VBIC for each of these but not going for the dreamcicle type flavor just a nice smooth sweet orange



Allergic to PG and max VG isn’t working for me, so I’ve come up with a base formula that works better, at least, for me. This one is doing well, so far. Only made 30cc just to test it out.

Experiment #1: incorporating NS and water into base.

Using calculator: PG = NS / Water = distilled water.

Immediate Results:
3/29/17 - Epipe set to soft; increased watts to 22.5; nice, soft white billows; barely tepid tempt; No leaking, so far.

VG 61%
Normal Saline 18%
Distilled H2O 15%

Peach (LA) 1%
Watermelon (LA) 5%

What do you think about the color of this? Someone told me that mixes should always be clear…


I feel stupid even attempting to give you a recommendation because you are light years ahead of me on mixing, but what about Fuji Apple? I have some Rhodonite that is nearing 4 months steep time and I can still pick out the tartness of it in the vape on occasion. Not every time I hit it but it still shows through on a few Vapes.

Also I’m looking to make a Skittles type vape for a friend. Can any of the RFSC replace the MF in that recipe with decent results?


Just from looking at the recipe I would say that you could probably replace the grape and orange with RFSC but you might have to tweek the percentages. As far green apple I would use FLV if you don’t have the MF. I’m not sure about MF lemon because I haven’t tried it yet. I’d say MF is just a tad stronger than RFSC but that’s just my opinion. The grape could probably also be replaced by FLV if you have that. Not sure what’s in your stash.