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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


Is the LA watermelon colorless or is it the bright pinkish/red color? If so that’s why its the color it is. I personally wouldn’t vape any LA flavor that contained color.


Yikes! Thanks. Yes, it is a pinkish color, but wanted an opinion about whether it was anything to worry about. I’ll remember that next time I buy…


Not sure either about using that much saline and distilled water. I would only use a drop or 2 per 10ml of saline. I would do some more research on google, this forum, and other forums to see what others have to say about using saline and distilled water. I’m no chemist or doctor but I’m not sure what vaping a bunch of water would do. Just do some research to make sure you stay safe.


Appreciate the concern, but after doing some studying on the differences between nebulizers and vaporizers used for the treatment of diminished lung compacity, I started realizing water and/or NS has been part of the base of these lung treatments for decades. So why not use them in place of the PG that I have shown an allergy for.

So many opinions about what’s harmful and what’s not… Some by honest, concerned people like you, but soooo many from scare junkies trying to muddy the water and make people worry unnecessarily.

At the present, I feel okay about the research I’ve done on the long-time used breathing treatments used with nebulizers. I suppose time will tell… If things go downhill, I’ll let you know. :wink:


Thank you JJL!


I know this is a little off topic here, but thought some might find this interesting… :slight_smile: Just found this… Don’t you love it when answers jump out and say ‘here I am’? :slight_smile: This is two medical professionals posting on the ecf forum… I hope it isn’t bad form to cross-talk among vaping forums… Oh well, it’s all about the info, right? - Peace and Blessings :wink:

Vap3rV3nom - "Well let me blow up your mind with my wisdom. As a Licensed Respiratory Therapist, Yes it’s true that your lungs will have water due to vaping. Yes it will increase the resistance through your airway (lungs) because of this your breathing will increase. But what MOST people don’t know that your lungs will absorb those water vapor. It will go through your blood stream then your kidneys will absorb them and cleanse your body by urinating them out. Then after a break from vaping your lungs will breath back to normal again.
P.S. Your lungs will always have water(Moisture) in them. To keep it functioning.

RooRooBears - As an M.D., I agree 100%. On top of which, I’d expect vaping to do the actual opposite of adding excess water into the respiratory tract (lungs). With the heat produced from the atomizer/cartomizer, I would expect the respiratory tract to become dehydrated rather than become excessively hydrated, which is why replenishing with water is important for hardcore, all-day vapors.

Otherwise, like Vap3rV3nom stated, any excess fluid/liquid/etc. in your lungs will be reabsorbed into your body’s circulation via pulmonary capillaries. Result? Might pee more often than usual.

Think of it this way - more water and tiny food particles get lodged in your lungs more often than you think. When this happens, very small parts of your lungs collapse to consolidate the water/food particles that are lodged in the small passageways. Medical term is “atelctasis.” Tiny atelctases occur often, even on a daily basis, with everyone - how come we don’t really notice it? They are so minuscule that our body amazingly compensates and rids of the tiny particles by dissolving and eventually absorbing them into our blood circulation via pulmonary capillaries (vessels in the lungs). When that’s all done, the collapsed tiny part(s) of the lungs reopens and everything goes back to normal. Once it is absorbed into the blood circulation, it filters at our kidneys and we simply pee it out. Amazing, in my opinion.

Long story short - don’t worry about it. Happy vaping! :vapor: "


I still haven’t perfected my Skittles recipe, But you can see the flavor profile I’m working with, which is very close to Skittles IMO. I’m sure if you can nail the %s, you to can come close to a Skittles vape that you might like.

The main reason I’m using MF flavors for this recipe is that they tend to hold their own in recipes, but I haven’t found that to be true in some SC RFs.


I adapted PV skittles to rf it is a wip this one is much too heavy on the grape (for me) but it may give you a start point (i havent had the time to get back to it yet


Ingredient %
Erythritol 5% (NN) 0.75
Grape (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Lemon (SC) (Real Flavors) 1
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.25
Orange (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.8
Sour Wizard (FA) 2.5
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.5

Flavor total: 7.3%


Thank you both. It gives me starting point.


How far along are you (days steeped) and have you tasted this one yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts as you progress.


i made it on the 25/2 and have done a 1 week and 2 week test it is due to check again anytime - i will drip a little later today and let you know how it is going. A month should be a good final assessment time then i can work on some adjustments.


Ok you made me pul it out of the cupboard lol - it is as i suspected it would be very heavy on the grape there are slight hints of the other fruits but predominantly grape - i will make another mix knocking the grape down to probably about .1 -.15 and hopefully the citrus will come forward


Thanks for the notes. I’ve been lurking on the RF thread, but there is so much going on I just figured I’d wait and see what flavors rise to the top before buying more. I’m kinda 50/50 with SC flavors I’ve purchased. I do have a very picky palate though and a history with the MFs.

@woftam, Heavy on Grape @.5% sounds good to me… that’s something that interest me. Do you get soda, juice, candy or a natural grape from it?


More of a candy grape - hubba bubba grape bubble gum springs to mind


Ive made several changes myself in two newer versions. I bumped up the brighter berries and 1 version i used French Van SC @ .75% and in the other i used Vanilla Shisha to replace Holy Van.

There are now way too many version of this and several of them are very good.

Frosting (FLV)… Now i need to buy moar!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving it a try and for your input, jjl.


Oooo, this one looks amazing!.. I’m getting hungry


The issue is if the chemicals used to color flavorings are okay to vape. I try to avoid flavors with coloring and be DAAP free. However, the years of smoking did damage and I didn’t worry about that much. I think it’s a personal preference. Commercial e liquid comes in every color.


Great post … and wise words :slight_smile:


One flavoring shy but that flavoring is on the list for the next round of orders, Frosting (FLV). At the last minute i grabbed Cherimoya (FLV) instead as i hit my max on fundage.


I found this to be spot on and highly concentrated. I had a tough time with Cream Cheese Icing LA. For me it was difficult to work with. It seemed to bring a sour/yogurt type note to mixes. The FLV Frosting gives a creamy sweet powdered sugar vibe to a mix at low %s. Great for cakes and cereal vapes. I’ve barely seen the potentials for this flavor, but I think it’ll be a good sweetener replacing marshmallow and meringue in some mixes.