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I’m fairly new to using Butter Rum. However, I found there is a very thin line between not enough and too much in a mix. So erring on the side of caution, I have determined my starting% for new mixes at 0.2% and work my way up from there. Well unless I want BR up front, then 0.5% to start. It’s a deathly potent flavor but so good.

I think it more mixers would try LA Bavarian Cream, they would drop TPA’s version like you and I have. There’s no comparison really, and LA’s version is just so rich and flavorful.


Probably because TPAs has a lot of water in it. I started with LAs version and then thought i would “upgrade”, that never happened. When i see a mix with TPAs i just cut the % in half using LAs.


Been playing with this one for a little while now think I may have nailed it now - thank you Inw Lime.- steep time will tell me.

Lime Coconut-Mint Cream Pie v3 9-5

Ingredient %
Coconut (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.2
Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.2
French Vanilla Premium (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.4
Graham Cracker (SC) (Real Flavors) 1
Lime (INAWERA) 0.3
Mint (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.1
Sweet Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.2
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2

Flavor total: 5.4%


As am I. I’ve pretty much only used it as a main flavor so far and I think I might have overshot it a bit here. But time will tell I suppose. I might just mix up a batch without any BR, then I can kinda play with the ratios by mixing the two versions together.


Yum! I love Inawera lime.


So strong but so so awesome best lime I have by a long way.


If you like strong lime try this. I use it as a vapers tongue cure. Lol


Oh wow yes i think that would be my face @ 2%


Yeah it’s quite strong. But it’s so yummy. :yum:


So is INW Lime stronger than FLVs? I use FLV Lime at 1-2 drops per 30ml.


I haven’t used flv lime. But I’m guessing that if you can use just a couple drops it’s stronger than inw’s.


Yes, I also want to say that FLV Frosting info is great. I am an avid mixer of Blackberry with LA Cream Cheese Icing. Oh ya… I wanted to tell you all about how I’m adding Bourbon by RF and Bourbon TPA and really enjoying it. I use MF and Capella Blackberry, probably some Sweet Cream TPA and oh who knows what else depending on the day. I’m adding the FLV Frosting to my next order.
Can anyone tell me… Was the Purillium by a different name before? I haven’t tried any of it yet. I"ve tried some of the RF and yes… it’s hit and miss. Lovin Heaven by Real Flavors and (strawberry filled donut) and Metaphore (Lemon Cake) FA


Purilum was called river flavors. They changed them to purilum and then decided to move a few back over to river flavors. Now some for example vanilla tobacco is back listed under river flavors. The rest have stayed under purilum. Heaven is a purilum not real flavors I believe?


Oh, thank you. I do like the River Flavors that I got recently. SOOO… That tells me to yes…buy the Purilum.


What has your experience with CAP Glazed Doughnut been? I was looking at your chocolate glazed doughnut recipe and trying to figure out how to get a good doughnut flavor. All of them just turn out tasting like cake. I was wondering how after all this time you have achieved a decent doughnut base flavor?

I can layer in the chocolates and fruits, but am having trouble with the doughnut aspect.


I know you’re not asking me…
But I reeeally like this combo for a raised donut base with powdered sugar. Add in fruits or chocolate or whatever.
2% fa joy
2% fa meringue
5% cap sugar cookie

It does take up a lot of room in a recipe, but it’s worth a shot. It might be able to be dialed back with the same ratios ( for instance 1% each meringue and joy, 2.5% sugar cookie) but I haven’t tested that.
And btw, this isn’t my creation, here’s where I got the combo: http://tjek.nu/r/2t30

Cap glazed donut it’s interesting… Almost salty. 3.5% it’s the absolute highest I’ve been able to go with it and still tolerate it.

My 2 cents.


Wonderful! I appreciate your input :slight_smile: I am on a doughnut kick lately and don’t know why. Have you tried sugar cookie V2 CAP? It is all I have because I stay away from diketones. Haven’t had very much luck with it. From what I read, V1 is much better.

Thanks for the base, I will have to try it out.


Nope, I usually avoid v2/dx flavors like the plague. I Iove me some diketones…lol


I bet you do :wink:


Naughty boy…