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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


I like using it around 2-3%. At higher %s it tends to get too heavy like Playdough for me. I really like that yeasty flavor with a bit of sweet glaze it delivers. Add a little cake and cinnamon and you have a cinnamon sweet roll flavor.

I think @Amy2 like to add Frosted Donut TPA to the Glazed for her Donut base.


PUR has been around for quite awhile. At first NR made a few flavorings by combining other companies flavors, now PUR has recreated those few and NR sells them under the NR label. The rest are all PUR flavors. I dont remember exactly when it was but @DarthVapor was sent the PUR line.


Yeah it was last year I was sent all of them. Personally I didn’t care for them, but that’s just me. I’m not sure if they have reformulated since they sent me everything and started selling or not


I wasnt much of a fan either, they arent bad but there are better for the price.


Exactly. They reminded me of FW, in the way their fruits were more candy/artificial like. There wasn’t a thing in the box that peaked my interest.


It looks like a yummy recipe. I don’t have butter rum. But might try this without it.


I just placed my first order with Nicotine River. I got a bunch of Purilum and Nic River flavors. I ordered the Purilium sweet tobacco, original tobacco, watermelon, nilla wafer with milk, and Sunset. I got the Nicotine River stawberry biscuit, and Heaven. I got the 2 Purilum tobaccos because they were recommended for a recipe I am working on. The others, I just tried to get flavors that I haven’t tried. I hope that I am happy with the choices I made! I have been wanting a watermelon for a while and figured I’d try theirs first. I really want to make a watermelon marshmallow recipe!


You will be so glad you did order Butterscotch by MF. It is delicious. I love my Butterscotch with some banana and perhaps custard and creams of all sorts. Sometimes I add some Banana’s Foster TPA. You can go dark with it and add things like molasses and brown sugar or Deluce Deluce. Believe it or not 1/4 drop of diluted 10% Sour by TPA (for example) is fabulous in banana - if you go the banana route. If you are making a shake, Dairy milk (any brand) and French Vanilla Cream TPA is a must. Condennced milk is strong if you use it and you must ‘like’ the flavor. Malted milk is a wonderful addition when you’d use milk. I use it with milk in a lesser amount. Oh well… To tell the tales of what we are enjoying. I’m looking over the latest posted recipes and those by Mourning Glory today. Her recipes make sense and look good. I like to see fruit, dairy and a bakery flavor for a well-rounded ejuice. I also put a little custard in mostly everything. Anyway… her mixes look good. I do apologize again that I haven’t posted any recipes. I don’t have any anywhere. No private ones or anything anywhere. I just throw a few things together to make my juice. I need to fix this so I can share some precise mixes.


1 week steep update:
It’s coming along nicely, the butter rum has calmed down significantly. This is nice and rich and creamy! Needs more steeping but I think it’ll be a winner.


Working on some more beignets! I am in love with this base recipe ( http://tjek.nu/r/2t30 ), I think I need to do a raspberry version and a coconut version, too!


Mixed this one yesterday. Vaping this morning…purty dang tasty. Monsoon is really the only steeper so by Monday I should have a good picture of the final product, but for now quite promising. I mixed another version omitting the Lemon Grass but adding a touch of FLV Boysenberry. Not sure which of these will make the cut :slight_smile:

Enchanted Forest (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 3
Hypnotic Myst (FA) 2
Lemon Grass (Flavorah) 0.1
Monsoon (FA) 1
Oak Wood (FA) 2

Flavor total: 8.1%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


Naughty girl (http://tjek.nu/r/bp6t) update: fanfreakingtastic. I just made the recipe public. The butter rum is the main flavor and with a good steep it just melts into the creams.


Perfect storm of triangles good job girl :+1:


I :two_hearts::sparkling_heart::two_hearts: my triangles!


Warning - flavor ahead! :laughing:


Exactly!! :yum:


Colorado Bulldog/ White Russian


Looks tasty, but there’s a problem with a couple flavor entries. @JoJo or @Ken_O_Where should fix…

Coke Freeze - no vendor
Up Coffee (FA) - far as I know, it’s just UP

Jamaican Rum - well that’s just me but I hate all lower case :slight_smile:


I appreciate it @SthrnMixer. I have updated the flavor entries.
Cola Freeze LB
Jamaican Rum Vapor World (Although I believe they rebottle Cap and TFA, in which this case its TFA)
I am really enjoying it and so are my friends


Yes please add Pina Colada Cap to the please fix list as well. It says something like p(inawera) colada cap.