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Private Recipe Sneak Peek (WIPs)


Question for ya. I have three limes, FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed, INW lime concentrate, and EuroFlavors lime. Can you recommend one of those as a sub? I don’t really want to buy another lime…lol


Oh I’m sure someone can recommend one. I have 1 of the 3 you mentioned…the cold pressed. But personally I’d rather know what the other 2 are like before making any recommendation. No point of reference for them :frowning:


Inaweras lime is a true lime and not candy like at all and as flavorahs its super strong.


Is flavorah more realistic or candy like?


I would like to say that it is pretty much as INW Lime maybe a tad stronger, zesty, tart and not juicy. Maybe @SthrnMixer can chime in on that…


I’d have to say a good mix between realistic and candy. Leaning toward realistic for sure. My take on this is that it’s really near impossible to impart that juicy, tangy citrus acid flavor into a concentrate while maintaining the taste of the fruit. So while most citrus flavors fall short of the juicy tangy aspect, the realism of the flavor itself is what I judge them on. So I think in that regard the FLV Lime has a realistic taste. But since the other elements of the fruit seem to be all but impossible to replicate in a concentrate, I get a candy impression. This probably makes no sense but it’s the best I can do right now :wink:


Perfect sense to me, to sum it up it tastes like lime without the zing!


No that definitely makes sense. Thank you!


Been working on this one for a while. I got the idea for it when I got CAP Blueberry in, smelling the bottle it smells like STRAIGHT fruit rollups. Building the rest of the ingredients around it wasn’t too difficult as there were a few recipes out there that were fruit rollup’ like. Any suggestions on making it taste more like the real thing are welcome. Sometimes you just smell a flavor and it jumps out at you as a certain food/ candy. Thinking of changing the strawberry to INW Shisha Strawberry, the Raspberry to INW Wera Garden Raspberry, and the peach to something else, but it is good so far.

It seems people are putting peach and strawberry together to achieve a fruit rollup type flavor, maybe if I can find a more fitting one of each, it will taste even closer.


Malt straws sounds delicious!


Here are a few WIPs, I’ll be mixing these up today.


Mmmm they all look really good. Im whipping up that bluana now. Thanks for posting. I needed some inspiration.


Cool, I hope you like it!


I was sort of on the fence about posting this recipe because I think lots of mixers have not mixed long enough to appreciate this kind of recipe. I’ll post it here only and I may take it down later so write it down or copy paste if you want to try it later. This recipe tastes just like the old fashioned soft serve custard that I used to get as a child at Tastee Freeze. Those who may remember the soft serve vanilla custard had a yellow color instead of white. This is an excellent recipe and this cannot be made without the Hangsen flavorings.


Wow! I totally appreciate this recipe! It looks absolutely wonderful :smile: thanks so much for the share and I totally understand possibly taking it down later! Can’t wait to try this!


looks delicious! I love your recipes! What is the Malt (NF)? I’m not familiar with that flavor.


I’ll bet there are tons of ELR members who see Tastee Freeze and have no idea what that means. Not me! We had one right across from our high school. Is it a southern thang? :slight_smile:

Have you used LB Vanilla Ice Cream?


know anything about diamond cbd? been wanting to order it online but the additive and want to soon make my own juice, know anything good that would go with it, recipes etc.


No @SthrnMixer, I have not used LB Vanilla Ice Cream but I have been trying them and getting one at a time here and there. I have what I can think of, Chocolate Roll, Bakers Touch and Belgian Waffle. They all seem pretty good but I haven’t really gotten much testing done with anything but Bakers Touch which seems to add some sweetness and Cinnamon to mixes for me.


The Malt is used here in Tastee Freeze as an additive. It accents the Vanilla and Custard notes perfectly plus adds some sweetness and just a hint of nuttiness. It is not completely necessary but will take some of the richness and authenticity from the profile if not used. Using it at a much higher than .5% will cause the recipe to taste more like Chocolate which is what I am working on now mixing with different chocolates and malt percentages.