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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


A few more for this weekend’s mix session…



@Pro_Vapes You Sir, are a machine !!! OK, ok, the magic milk has me intrigued, but what is THIS ???

Strawberry New (Flavor Base) GMIX


LOL, Sorry, I’m a dumb head, shoulda read your notes. That is very interesting.


I’m one of those that have a tuff time tasting SB, so I created a SB base. It’s my original base, but I had to rename it because it got merged with another mixers SB base and his base notes/ingredients was saved and my notes/ingredients and recipe links was deleted in the merge.


You’re NOT a dumb head! You’re a smart head! Don’t you ever let me see you say that again mister!!

I’ve been having fun with this one. It’s a blueberry banana sweet cream. Doesn’t really remind me of any non-vape profile, it’s just sort of addicting. It was good, then I added a little MF Honeydew Melon. Now it’s really good. To me, anyway. Good, rich, primarily blueberry natural notes are the primary indicator.

Blue Cream

0.35% Banana (MF)
1.45% Blueberry (FW)
0.35% Blueberry (MF)
1.50% French Vanilla Creme (TPA)
0.25% Honeydew Melon (MF)
1.50% Stevia (stone)

Flavor total: 5.4%


Lookin’ good man! :+1:


I’ve thought about using Honeydew with a cream. I’m def. gonna try that combo now.


If you do I’d certainly love to hear your opinions on it. I actually don’t think anyone’s ever actually made anything I’ve shown here. I haven’t made those two together as a standalone but I suspect they’d be happy together.


I think so too.


Think about using milk and honey flv. That’s my favorite with honey dew mf and some graham cracker flv.


I recently tried a Cantaloupe/Caramel, you might have seen it in one of these threads. I’m really impressed with this combo as it’s been steeping. I’ve torn through the 30ml tester in 8 days, couldn’t help myself, it’s so good already… Making a 30 day+ steeper bottle next.


Trying to perfect my Raspberry Ice Cream Custard


Weird, but I’m in! What’s your %'s and concentrates?


This recipe is marked as private!


It’s freaking good! I’m thinking you can use your most trusted Caramel & Cantaloupe, but this is what I did. This RY4 has almost no tobacco flavor to it, just Caramel. I don’t taste any at all.

Edit: Also, this Cantaloupe is really authentic, ripe and naturally sweet. diyvaporsupply has it. Pretty sure the ooo came from ooo.


Love it! Far too easy not to try. Question for me is… do I use Caramel (Original) or Salted Caramel with the MF Caramel. Can’t hurt to try them both. And again, based on my preference, I’d probably punch it up a bit with the Ozo stone. But thank you for the idea! Some of you guys are just so gosh darn inspirational. I’ll have to sub in MF Honeydew Melon though if I want to get a feel for it, since I don’t have a cantaloupe I’d want to use.


Those two melons (Hd & Ctlp) are pretty close in characteristics, but I can’t say for sure that it’ll work quite as magically. It could just be great, though, ya know? Go for it!


I will! I know that the MF HM sounds similar to your Cantaloupe description, in that it is fresh, sweet, spot-on natural meloney. Thanks again.


Definitely let me know how it goes! In my head, I can see a wedge of Cantaloupe with Caramel drizzled on it, the colors compliment well. Having trouble visualizing the Honeydew in the same scene. I have the HM NF, also great. Going to give it a shot to see for myself.


Green and brown, maybe reminiscent of a flu-infused Kleenex or worse. So, I won’t imagine it.