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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


Thank you sir :smiley:


I only have 3 of your flavors, but I’m stealing your profile so I can try a version of your mix…

Golden syrup (VTA)… is this a maple syrup?


Over here (Norway) we don’t use much maple syrup, but we have two other variations of syrup and it reminds me of a mix between them, they only go as dark and light syrup here and I’m not sure what they are made of. So no, not a maple. More towards the sweetness of a honey, without the heavy honey notes. More towards a boiled down thick goey browned sugar to me (without turning into rocks when cooled off).

https://www.dansukker.no/no/produkter/alle-produkter/lys-sirup-no.aspx Yeah, swedish chef language right here. But this is sort of what I get from it :smiley:

I think this aroma would go perfect in some drink mixes too, as a sweetner with character.


I’ll try Brown Sugar @ 1/2 SF strength to keep it light. Thanks for the note, because ELR notes are nearly missing for this flavor. You should drop your description on ELR flavor notes.


Yeah that might work, and yes I should start doing my notes on the site. I’m just lazy not doing them. I need to update my flavor stash as well, cause it has grown like a mutant from some marvel movie :smiley:


Sounds like Aunt Jemima to me! (nummy!)
Every time I see/hear (plain old) syrup, that’s what I think of.


If anyone EVER finds a flavor like this… tag me please! :smiley:


Not exactly, but I’m stuck on FA Maple… Maybe that and lil pyure will get you close?


I’ve never been much of a fan of maple… Probably because mom loves it and burned me out with it as a child. :laughing:

My first love is boysenberry, with Aunt Jemima second! :wink:

Appreciate the thought though!


Aunt Jemima looks like a keeper :smiley: Would swipe right! (if thats the right direction, never used tinder lol)


I just went to the kitchen to taste the real deal from the cabinet…I’m thinking if I were to make a base:

Heavy on the Butter
A little Brown Sugar
Hint of Maple
Hint of Caramel
1-2 drops of Sweet Corn (per15ml)
Sweetener of choice

I have to find a good corn flavor now!


Aunt Jemima Original Syrup by Sprkslfly

Ingredient %
Brown Sugar (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.25
Butter (FA) 0.35
Caramel (MF) 0.30
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.40
Maple Syrup (FA) 0.35

Flavor total: 1.65%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Not really… just a joke recipe… but it doesn’t look bad tho!


Where’s the Corn, man?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You gotta see @Beaufort_Batches for the corn… I’m fresh out!


You would use caramel MF! Jerk. lmao
I gave my caramel MF to VM. =P


Ooh Kettle Corn!!


It’s definitely in there! First 2 ingredients are Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup! Its like a vague undercurrent that lingers long after tasting it.


Hehe, welcome, to the beginning OF the beginning !!!

Even with NON MF flavors, it tops out at Flavor total: 6.8%


I know right, it’s amazing. I’ve been following the MF flavor notes thread and have been drooling over some of them for like 3 months now, just to eery about the alternatives I have over here in regards to where to get them. But now I have a german site that sells them, so now theres no excuse.

Thats life right, a string of new beginnings? :smiley:


With a complete lack of Corn, I decided to max out some AP and go the Frito route.


Sometimes I find inspiration in strange places… I’m going for it…