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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


YEAH, YEAH, YEAH… I know it looks stupid, but I’m mixing it anyway…

Every Strawberry...

Ingredient %
Coconut (FA) 0.40
Dragonfruit (TPA) 0.80
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 0.80
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.50
Sour Wizard (FA) 0.40
Strawberry (Flavorah) 1.00
Strawberry (MF) 1.00
Strawberry (Red Touch) (FA) 1.00
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors) 1.00
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 1.00
Strawberry, Ripe (TPA) 1.00
Strawberry, Sweet (CAP) 1.00
Strawberry, Sweet (JF) 1.00
Vanilla (MF) 0.70
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3.50

Flavor total: 15.1%

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Beyond curious to see how this turns out.


i thought of doing something like this b4 but thought maybe so many strawberries would mute or something , let me know how this goes id love to do something similar and just might anyway

Note : i see u went 1 pct that was smart to start out that way


Considering none of them are super powerful, (8% total SB) it just might work.


look good to me


Mixed a 60 ml tester and FT’ed… not bad so far. The FT is pretty good… it’s definitely SB. Now for the steep!


I tried 2 different mods. One was an eleaf with arcticfox and the other was DNA 250.
I used kanthal and titanium. I do 7 wraps, on 3 ID. It comes out 0.07 to 0.06 ohms. I use my favorite tank: supreme v2. 450-480 F.
No heat steeping. I did a regular shake and left it for 10 days. The other time I did magnetic mixing and vaped right away.

I might try your latest version of the recipe. But I don’t have LB vanilla ice cream. It’s not easy to get this stuff in Saudi Arabia.

The reason I insisted on this recipe is because I can still enjoy its flavor. It is superb.


Ti and DNA Mod… No heat steep either… pretty much my regular routine… I wish I could pinpoint the issue, but tbh I’m clueless.

Try steeping it beyond 10 days to see if the harshness steeps out… most times I steep for at least a month.

If you try the final recipe you can sub VIC LB for VBIC TPA at 2%… That was my original Ice Cream.


Revamping a couple of my favorites…


Something else I’m working on…

This Lime Sherbet Punch was a wedding staple in my younger days where I grew up.


4% Lemonade (Flavorah) … guessing not all FLV are ultra!


Don’t let @SmokyBlue hear you say that! :rofl:


Not sure how your taste buds are working @Plunderdrum… but what I have found is this…
Even tho I know some might not be able to distinguish, starting really low, 2-3 drops per 10ml and then raising it to 4,5,6 very rarely do I have to go 7,8,9 drops… now for each drop, we are talking .02g (grams)… using this, I have found that the more you “flavor push” or raise the amounts, the flavor changes. It might taste good at 15%… but what happens as you raise it each time is that you loose notes, (from top bottom sides or middle areas. Flavor notes can merge, meld and even go wacky. Just like when you find dead zones, when you use too much flavor, it mutes itself out. Might not go dead zoned for a few days or it might take 3-5 weeks for the flavors to just say screw this, and then poof… gone.

It takes a while to discover where you like certain tastes, it wont happen over night, or even for a month. Once you do find “your zone” tho, you will know it. if you like yours at 4%, who am I to say a word? :slight_smile:

lol @Pro_Vapes… thanks for the funny :stuck_out_tongue:


great answer …for me i like the FLV lemonade at 1 to 1.75pct and to use a drop of FLV lime per 15ml to round out the lemonade base then add whatever fruit with .25pct frosting to sweeten yummy lol


Lemonade is for me what I deem a premixed lemonade… doesnt really need anything else… other than if you want a change up, add your fav fruits nuts and creams. (makes cookies taste good) I use it between .6% and up to 1%… depending on the recipe and my mood.

Lime is a great add in for it, usage for me tho is .12% (2 drops in 30ml)
Lime wedge on the other hand is 1 drop in 60ml, as I am super sensitive to it as well as pineapple and pink guava. :slight_smile:


isnt that the same as one drop per 15ml , lol , just giving you crap :wink:

havent had the lime wedge yet


You will not need any citric or malic acid with lime wedge… perfect with blood orange red raspberry cream and some pucker… instant pixie dust :wink:


At 4% I might just be pushing Lemonade too far. In my initial Lemonade + fruit mixes I did use the other fruits a bit too high and might have smothered some of the lemonade note. I’ll back the lemonade off a little and work it up if needed.

Thanks for your input @SmokyBlue and @fidalgo_vapes. :+1:


huh?? lol… no worries @Pro_Vapes… happy to help when I can… :):kissing_heart:


I mixed the lemonades and you both were right… less is more… I’ve just double my usage for my 120 ml bottle of Lemonade FLV… Big Thanks!


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