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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


My good friend is stuck on Looper. I’m trying to create something passable with my limited pg-free stash. 1st draft, not mixed yet. Any comments or ideas welcome!

Edit: adjusted, thanks, @fidalgo_vapes!

Edit2: Made a new batch 9 days ago… It is just like Looper, only it doesn’t have the ridiculous in-you-face Lemon note or too-high cloying Sucralose that I found off-putting about the original. This tastes like what Looper should taste like, imho: Froot Loops!


yes a MM probably and maybe some ooo milky undertone vg of course , the looper is super sweet with a lemony back note ,keep in mind the original is loaded with EM it actually has a strong cotton candy note. Looper is what got me off the ciggs , and until DIY and trying @Alisa loopy cereal v2 i never thought i would be able to replace it … your recipe looks good. btw


Thanks, man! Good tips and insight! I’ll add those and up the EM a bit. I’m sure it will be ok if my total % gets jacked up a little.


Mix it , if it were me id make the Fruity Pebbles higher than the frosted flakes … but i havent used either flavor… looper is more of a cereal covered in milk opposed eating the cereal without milk ( does that make sense ) ??? but if the RF FP at 2pct allows it to be the main note you recipe should replace looper…


I have the Frosted Flakes a few days steeped at 3%. I’ll see how it feels. I’ve read it’s mostly sweetness and a hint of grain. I can taste and tweak the FP to make sure it sits up high. It’s kind of weak, too, unfortunately.


@Plunderdrum, @fidalgo_vapes is right, @Alisa’s v.2 recipe is VERY good.


I did hunt that down earlier. So many flavors I’ll probably never own, but it gives me a good idea of what to go for. Thank you!


1st draft might actually be the one! Pre-steep test is surprisingly accurate. Thanks for the help, man!


hey np im happy it worked out , ive watched you since you came to ELR and have been impressed well done …


Thanks, man! Hope it stays true with a steep.


Dude, this totally works. Gotta check to make sure it holds up to a longer steep, but this is it. Decent SnV, great at 7-8 days.


Are you talking about MM and milky undertone ???


The whole thing together. The Plooper recipe came out super good. Your advice helped a bunch, so I was just letting you know it worked out after a week steep. Your advice on pushing the EM was crucial.


OMG @Plunderdrum I have 500 flavors (100 haven’t even been added yet), and despite that, you have managed to achieve the impossible. I’m like, “What’s all this Plooper about”, then I saw it, and you have me 100% in the red. I tip my hat to you Sir.


That’s freaking funny! I don’t even know what to say to that.


Stay tuned for the next one! Mixing this tonight! :wink:


awesome im so happy for you … now youll have to send me some since you use the low PG flaves lol


I will! PM me


I have this one on the shelf at the moment three weeks in. It finger test’s like candy; tastes so good I can hardly wait to actually vape it. It is way up there at over 13% but will be worth it if it works out.



This looks really good. Please let us know your final thoughts on this.