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Profile RDA by Wotofo and Mrjustright1 review...Mesh done right?


Thank you my Alien friend. I am surprised you didn’t get one in for review, would love to hear your thoughts on it as well.


I don’t actively solicit, so I don’t have any sponsors. Joyetech loves me and even sends an occasional beta unit. They have had me send the review to them and not publish. One vendor here used me for a few but I didn’t increase sales so they dropped me. I have time to do reviews, but nothing to review :slight_smile:
But for sure thanks for the vote of confidence!


I enjoy reading your reviews but usually it is stuff I am working on as well so it makes it tough. Maybe try posted the review on other forums as well, some vendors are partial to particular forums…copy and past are your friends…lol


I agree, and if I have a device I will not read or watch a review for that device until after I finish mine. I guess I should check out VU and some other sites, I know the trolls at Reddit love to hate me :smile:
Thanks again Bro!


Stopped by a local vape shop and when I asked what the hot new product is? they said the Profile RDA. Had to pick up the gold to go with my Asmodus Pumper 21, love the combo.