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PTCoils: Affordable coils! Now with website


If you’re looking for Great coils @ a great price, go to Phillip Turton’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PTCoils/
He makes all sorts of coils.
I just received some perfect Alien and Staged Heating coils.
He’s a pleasure to deal with and makes some great coils for very reasonable prices, ships internationally too.


how much does he charge? I personally trade juice for my coils. I get them from my friend that lives down the road he is one of the best coil builders in the world.He goes by raymo-2-u on Instagram. He is sponcered by twisted messes, advken, augvape, verdict vapors, verde valley vapes, vbs vapor, its awesome he gets tanks and rda`s that haven’t even been released on the market yet last night he traded me this new awesome advken single coil rta that’s just like the troll except its single coil with pharaoh type clamps its fucking awesome. It is called the advken cp rta it is the most well built tank I have ever owened and I do own the troll. my troll leaks almost always not a lot but enough to be annoying. Anyway I got off subject How much for his coils??? people will want to know


I didn’t want to add the prices until I asked him if I could, he just Ok’d it, so here they are:
Twisted coils £3.00
Clapton coils £3.50
Fused claptons £5.00
Staggered fused claptons £5.50
Staged heating coils £5.50
Alien coils £7.00
Staple coils £7.00
Framed staple coils £7.00
Mohawk aliens £8.00
Alien staple coils £8.00
£1.99 P&P to UK, other countries on request.
I’m sure he’ll make other coil types if people request them.
I’ve used M.Terk coils and quite a few other builder’s coils, and his are as good as any of them IMO.


those are definetly good prices my friend charges $10 for his aliens this sounds like a great deal is he outta the USA or UK?


UK, that’s why the prices are in pounds.


It’s gets even better, 20% off till end of March!


Yeah I totally missed this post yesterday, how fucking rude am I eh…well…not as rude as the welcome he did get that’s for damn sure but stilll…very happy @PTcoils has made it to our humble abode.

He is most welcome …and his coils are fucking awesome :ok_hand:


Welcome PT!

I have his coils and I will tell you these are serious coils, the attention to detail on these things as shown in the photos @TheTinMan1 posted is extraordinary.


I would like to try your coils, but have no interest in Facebook,

I am citing this as an example for non facebook users perhaps?

Torchythebatteryboy in the Uk has his own vendor page on UKvapers where the first post in the thread is his current price list for all the different batteries he carries.

People then just pay his paypal email listed with the batteries they want and put a post to say order made in the thread.

Seems to have worked great for a number of years and I have done it several times.

Can you not do something similar through there or even speak to Daath on here and see if he would allow you to do it on ELR, as a small independent retailer, with a niche product. Keep an updated price list and details alongside pictures of each different coil in the first post of the thread, that you can update as necessary.

If you start mucking people about, the rep in the thread would kill your business pretty quickly, so it keeps you providing an excellent service and makes products unobtainable to some obtainable?

Here is a link to Torchy’s battery thread on UKvapers to show what I mean.


Thanks for the kind words @Grubby, and I’m glad your enjoying them :grin:


@bluenose63 I do also provide a service via email for those that don’t have Facebook, Facebook is where it all started for me so that is my main way of promoting at the moment. @Pugs1970 has shown me that there are people out there on different types of social media that don’t and won’t use Facebook, so now I’ve seen the light I’m trying to broaden my reach a little and and currently in the process of looking at making my own website so makes life easier for everyone. My email is Phillipturton81@gmail.com if you would like prices, pics ect


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!!
My website is now up and running and fully equipped to take any orders :grin: it’s exciting times for the PTCoils team so please feel free to pop over and have a look at what I offer. http://ptcoils.co.uk
I am currently running a 20% off code until end of March just simply apply “madmarch” code at the checkout screen to take full advantage of this offer :+1:


Great stuff, thanks Phil!


Looks awesome, good job! :smile:


Thanks man, I had a little help from a friend but we got there in the end lol it’s all working and everything is now linked so orders can now be taken which is the whole point lol


Phillip, when you order is 1 qty for a pair or is it a single?


for a pair pal, all my prices are the same so you will receive 1 working set


Good deal. Thanks!


I was about to asks that very question! You might wanna put something on t’website that confirms it’s a set of 2 @PTcoils :blush::+1:


Those are some frigging amazing coils man, you’re very skillful, and the prices seem about right too. I will definitely recommend you!