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Pugsley drops it like it's mildly warm with the Digiflavor Drop RDA


Car park lol…seriously I brought like 6 rigs with me ‘just in case’…i have more stuff with me than the Mrs :rofl:


Great review man! I want one!

And great little baby ya for there too! :wink: I don’t actually want another one of those… but those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them! :heart_eyes:


Thank you dear, and thank you again :wink: shes amazing in every way :heart::heart::heart_eyes:


Great review! Just ordered 4 on everzone. €14.88 wholesale


Thanks man 🖒


Ah, congratulations on the newborn Pugs, you haven’t sold me on the RDA cause I’m one of those people that don’t like them no matter how flash the deck is but the baby… :kissing_heart:


Haha thank you very much :wink:🖒


LMMFAO! Absolutely brilliant! Great review Pugs. This looks like a winner. In the cart it goes.


You’ll love it brother :wink: and thanks cupcake :kissing_closed_eyes:


congratulations man :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:
and cheers for another review that’s gonna spank my wallet :+1:


More than welcome my friend, and thanks for the feedback :ok_hand:


Whey, congratulations with the little cutie! :tada: And also aww, so beautiful!


Thank you very much dear! :wink: hope you are well! :grin: x


Great review mate.
Congrats to you and the Mrs on you new bundle of joy.
All the best


Always a laugh @Steampugs - thanks for the review mate.

Seems appropriate that you reviewed the drop and Jo dropped - Cerys sure is a cute one. Hope you are getting some sleep bro


Thanks brother :wink: appreciate that :facepunch:


I know right lol …Brian from TVC said the same thing.
Still need to catch up on a few zeds but im off work for a coupls of weeks still so its all good :wink:

Thanks brother 🖒


The little pugs finally showed up!! And a Libra to boot! :balance_scale:
Congrats to you and the Mrs. Pugs !!


Thanks Saxon :wink::facepunch:


Well she looks well steeped. :grin: Congratulations!