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Pugsley’s Cheeky Chapter 2 Choices from those Charitable Chinese Chaps at Gearbest…(and a giveaway)


I love the breakdowns, but my wallet and wife think otherwise.
Very entertaining read…
Great job!
Now where the hell is my credit card?


“If however, you like to be entertained by a fruit bat who likes to see comedy in most….usually inappropriate situations and has crossed that over into the world of Vape reviews giving you a more lighthearted approach to giving you the kind of information that really matters (does it look cool…will it not blow my face off….does it work) then CONGRATULATIONS! woop!….you my lovely reprobate…are in the right place,” Pugsley

I’m in USA so I can’t enter but I enjoy reading your reviews.:sunglasses:


Thank you dear lmaoo…love that

Of course you can enter the giveaway when it happens, it $100 to spend on Gearbest and they’re in China, it’s open to everyone :relaxed: