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Pugsley's accumulation of an amalgamation of vape station....stuffs (PRICE CODE EDITS!)


and thank you for taking the time to comment :wink: much appreciated Worm :+1:


Excellent review, cheers.


Always a pleasure brother Grub :wink: cheers man :+1::wink:


Finally! Finally someone that understands! Now I don’t feel so alone in this world. (weeps softly) Thank you Pugs.


:rofl::ok_hand: there there…it’ll be aaaaaalright…I understand fully.

Thank you for your lovely comment sir :wink: lol


Not only do you provide hilarious and informative reviews, but psychiatric therapy for lost vapers as well… you should charge more! :grin:


‘some’ would be a start eh :rofl:


Great rundown and review brother, I bet this will be helpful to a lot of people :+1:


Thanks brother, I hope so, I’d quite like to do more of these, mix it up a bit you know :wink:


Holy shit dude, excellent review! I totes want that UC…so fancy! So colorful! :star_struck:


thank you very much my dear :wink:🖒 hold fire though coz Cvapor have given me some pretty decent discount codes so I’ll update it later :ok_hand::wink:


Price code edits! :tada::tada::tada:

Nitecore i8: use code ‘I8’ - 40% off, final price is $29.97.

Vaporesso Energystash Ultrasonic Cleaner: Use code ‘ES’ - 39% off, final price is $28.33.

Geekvape 521 Master Kit V3: use code ‘521’ - 45% off, final price is $37.95.


Excellent stuff!
Maybe it’s just me but I find usual reviews boring and I skip tons of info due to my 2 brain cells having a tiff and not communicating but somehow through the power of laughter I understand things all the more clearly?
Thanks again!


Always welcome Chewy :wink: thanks for the comment :blush::ok_hand::+1:


You’re a rocket man :rocket::smiley::tada:

:woman_facepalming: Elton stuck in my head now.


…petal. Fixed it.


I literally had no idea what you meant then lmaooo

I have a green cock and balls in my face…and it’s not even weekend…:joy:


Crap! I totally missed this review. Excellent write up my brother.


WTF am I reviewing??..Well…lots of stuff actually…and I fucking love stuff.

Best line in any review EVER!!


oh don’t worry…I totally noticed that…and its been noted…:neutral_face:
thanks brother :wink:🖒