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Pugsley's Civil(ish) war - Vaptio Special review of the Super Bat 220w & The Wall Crawler Kits


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Cant remember the last time I read that :rofl: …gettin miserable in my old age …


Too damn funny. Seriously, this is just beyond laughable :rofl:


I’ll get these and put them next to my band logo embossed Iron Maiden RDTA in the Copyright Infringement Vape Hall of Fame.

And funny azz review man!


Thanks man :wink:🖒 great idea lmao


This is hilarious!! A must read review!! Thank you and Cheers @Steampugs!!


Another fantastic review. Thanks Pugs


nice one Eddie :wink:🖒


you sir…are entirely welcome :wink:

And may i also take this opportunity to say…thank you…you fabulous bastard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll say it again… Great review @Steampugs and I agree when you say:

I would be tempted by these if it didn’t remind me of batman/spidey…
And they could have just named it “The Bestest Fastest Mod To Date”.
Thanks again for your (quite entertaining) reviews.


Thank you very much my little grey friend :wink:


Nice one bud! glad you got a laugh out of it :wink: :rofl: :+1: