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Pugsley's edgy & razor sharp review of the VOOPOO Alpha 1 222w Mod


But it was based on a historical figure wasn’t it?


Gunga Din poem by Rudyard Kipling maybe


No idea. The only time I have heard it referenced was in that song and then when you mebtioned it. Kinda cool.


Your reviews always make me laugh. Also love your in-depth descriptions. It is a very sharp looking upscale device that has a solid performance. Minus the auto shut off. :-1:t2: I also remember the eighties so I especially liked this one. Thanks for the review.


Thanks Brother!..:wink:

Well yes…it’ll have to be pizza won’t it…seeing as you’ve emptied the cupboards again!..(SMH) :rofl:


Thank you very much kind sir :wink:


Thank you very much :grin: I’m glad you liked it, the auto shut off is optional though, just don’t upgrade the software and your’e golden :wink:


I’m in the market for a love pulse veg cutter upper from the 80’s thank you for bringing this pretty awesome vooping device to my attention :kissing_heart:


wow…it’s almost like it was made JUST for you…your lucky day lmao

Cheers :wink:


I love your reviews Pugsly! Thanks for taking the time to create and share them!


Thanks man :wink: really appreciate that :+1:


@Steampugs Brother, I don’t know HOW I missed this review. Only YOU, could start out with this …

Then add some …

And even managed to squeeze in ZZTop. I am floored Sir. Well done !!!


Thanks brother lol :wink: glad you liked it man