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Pugsley's heavy doody review of the Voopoo Drag 157w Box Mod


Peli case foam :ok_hand::+1: lol…

Thanks man :wink::+1:


Brilliant as usual Pugs.
I was actually looking at buying one of these before I got my WhiteRose, I just wasn’t able to get past the name.


~3 weeks ago:
One arrived today. Out of the box, feels very sturdy with a nice finish. I’ve been using it in power mode, fires fast, seems accurate and offers a good hit. Downloaded the software and I’ll get acquainted with that and TC mode over next few. I think this chip will be fun. Overall all first impressions are very good, particularly for the price point.
~ a week ago
After a couple weeks of using the VOOPOO Drag 157W Mod I’m very pleased. Matter of fact I haven’t wanted to put it down. It’s extremely fast firing and on point in watts mode. It took a while, for me, to gain familiarity with the firmware but doing so lent confidence in experimenting and ascribing various memory presets for TC which I’m quite satisfied with. It’s a sturdy, solid, well built box which I think from the look and feel of it, will serve a goodly long while. Gets a definite thumbs up!
I love this thing! Who cares what it’s called. It’s likely an alteration from another language. The word for arm in French is bras …teeheehee he said bra.

I grew up in a world where no one used the word “poo” anyway.


Wow, omg… :laughing:

Awesome stuff @Pugs1970 :thumbsup: Cheers!


Is it hard to turn off with the rapid firing?

This image says it all. Good job Pugs


Actually its not no but you can hear it revving its engine when you do lol

And thanks :wink:🖒