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Pugsley's mind over Manta review of the Advken Manta RTA


Thanks man :wink: think youll like it dude its a good’n :ok_hand:


I’m in the same boat typically @mjag. If I’m on the fence about something, AND I find a good review, by a reviewer I trust, it can push me over the edge.


As usual, great review!
This is my new favorite RTA, until now it was the Reload RTA, the flavor on this is just as good (very close to RDA flavor), the airflow is better, and it’s way cheaper. I like reasonably restricted airflow but the Reload is a fraction too restricted for me.
I bought my first Manta around a month ago and now have 4 of them (I found them for $23 @ Fastech, so I bought 3 more).
If you don’t yet own one, buy one (or more), you will not be sorry!


Cheers Benjy, glad you liked the review and the tank, Mine is now my permanent mini carry round it’s really really good, hasn’t faltered at all, love it. :wink: