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Pugsley's positively predatory review of the Wismec Sinuous Ravage 230 Kit


Thanks brother :wink::+1: yeah there are some nice products comin from Wismec at the mo but yeah…the proof will most definitely be in the pudding…


Awesome review as always! Awesome pics and memes (whatever there called) Great job Dave! Ty @Vapesourcing for supplying the product!


Seems I am one of the few that still has a working Predator mod. I have had no issues with mine. I don’t use it daily. But it has at least 15,000 puffs on it. Nice device, my first firing panel opposed to button device, Bc I was not privyed to the alien hype .



Thanks @redscaddy22 :wink::+1:

Yeah there’s obv gonna be some that made the grade but unfortunately for the Predator it wasn’t the majority.
I don’t think I’ve heard of a mass produced device which has had quite so much bad feedback from vapers, The QC was just awful. :+1:


Tank looks compatible with baby beast coils, and Eleaf HW coils (ello tank) that whole family of coils?


Unfortunately not no, one is longer than the other , I did take a picture of the difference but I’m on my phone and it’s on my laptop, there’s about 2 or 3mm difference. …crafty Lol :joy:


Killer review! :grinning: :tada: Fucking hilarious as usual!


Why thank you very much kind lady :grin::+1:


I had to read it again. I haven’t bought a true regulated device in a while, but this review might change that.


Don’t come running to me if you break it with your big fat shaky fingers…


They aren’t fat! They’re girthy!


lmfao Pug…good review as usual–:smile:


Thanks brother :wink: :+1:


Nice review there Pugsy, thank god someone has highlighted the “stealth mode” anomaly . Only advantage of a stealth mode I can imagine is to keep the moths from flitting round your mod whilst you vape outside on a warm summers evening.


lol…I know right?..very shady business…

Thanks Jude :wink: