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Pugsley's short and sweet review of the Arctic Dolphin BF Crea Squonk Kit


cheers Eddie :wink:🖒 :v:


Im waiting on the Artic dolphin amber Mech sqounker now that looks sweet frint sqounker full stabwood body ,
But in the mean time my Noisey Cricket v2 Bf conversion will keep me sqounkerfied , at least has a pcb switchfet type protection in p mod ,


Awesome review! Thanks @Heaven_Gifts
That easily spinning fire button would drive me crazy. I like my fit and finish and parts to be tight as a… no wobble or rattle or play in anything. I’ll end up fidgeting with it probably.


I can’t wait to see that Pulse regulated squonk with the Gene chip. Single 20700 or 18650. Looks sweet.


true story man lol…
thanks :grin::ok_hand:


im liking this too…big fan of the Gene chip, should sort that pulse right out 🖒