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Pugsley's short, fat and hyper review of the Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Mod


Love you guys :wink: Cheers

Gotta love a bit of resurrection lol :ok_hand:


One Mod to rule them all, One Mod to find them,
One Mod to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. ~ Lord of the Rings (sort of)


Funny you should say that…:grin::ok_hand:


Is that a new one?


No no its my baby, Whiterose lipo, never leaves me :ok_hand:


It’s a beaut. Never saw it before :+1:


Had it about 4 months or so …Nothing on the market comes even remotely close to a whiterose Lipo man…I can’t recommend enough :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


I agree 150%. I’ve developed an almost emotional attachment to mine. Even gave it a name


Im in the process of ordering my third, just waiting on the right enclosure :wink::blush::+1:…cant wait for this one


I’m still gathering my thoughts and ideas for my second. It is imminent though. Probably within the next week or so.


It has actual elvish writing on it? Cooooooooool :grinning:


Its actually a LOTR wristband I got in a merch crate aages ago, the bat panel slides around a bit because its totally flat so it keeps it all together and doubles as a hand grip 🖒👌


Utterly awesome use of the wristband - it really does look fab! :smiley:


For whatever reason I couldn’t start a new thread in the hardware section, so please forgive me as this was the next best spot to post…

My question: Has anyone purchased an RX300 very recently that can either confirm or deny that the 510 connector has been changed/updated?

I have 2 RX300’s that are paperweights now due to shotty Wismec 510 connectors falling out of the body of the mod.

The female 510 connector has no threads and therefore no retaining nut. I didn’t see any evidence of where it was soldered in place, so I figured CA glue was a good fix and maybe even what they used in the factory… After super-gluing them back into place they held like a champ, only problem is I’m getting no/low atomizer warnings now. I’m assuming that’s because the CA glue is acting as an insulator between the female 510 connector and the mod body/housing. So maybe I was wrong and it was solder they used to secure the connector in place (terrible idea).

So, being in the market for yet another mod I began my search. Two criteria: 4 cells & stainless steel.

That search quickly turned me right back to the Wismec/Jaybo RX300 as it’s the only mod that meets both of those criteria. Neither the Maxo nor the Gx350 are available in stainless.

I happened to stumble across a video of JayBo talking about the new RX Gen3 in which he more or less openly admits the previous 510 connector flaws. So seeing how the designer is aware, I was curious if they had any plans to address that very issue with the RX300. So, I sent JayBo himself a message on Facebook and he never read the message, forget responding.

My next attempt was contacting Wismec direct. After a few messages back and fourth someone at the other end assured me that the 510 connector on the RX300 has been updated so it would not fall out easily. Forgive me for not taking them at their word with the language barrier and all…

So guys and girls, this is where I’m at running old & tired back-up mods wondering what to buy next with no viable options and wondering is the old wismec 510 connector issue has truly been addressed. Any current knowledge would be appreciated. Thank you.




that is sooo cool (said in a covetous whisper).

That band is the best add-on to an already beautiful mod, that I’ve seen.


Great and entertaining review as always Pugs!

I have almost hit checkout on the RX300 a few times but the 510 placement has always bugged me. Wound up getting the Sigelei Snow Wolf 365 instead, 30mm tanks with no problem. Your comments on the Maxo has me itching though, might have to pull the trigger.

Thanks for the excellent review


Thanks @mjag much appreciated, I did this review a while back, I wouldn’t recommend the Maxo to anyone lol…The RX is way better…like…way way…way…better. If you want a quad bat mod thats where my money would go, I’ve had no issues with the 510 either :+1:


Good looking out, thanks for correcting my wrong.

Ok dammit, now the RX300 is back on the list, I will send you the bill…haha


just to add…if you primarily use 28 to 30mm tops I can name 2 which have surprised me, both dual batt though, the Vapresso Revenger and the Ijoy Captain will wear a 28mm comfortably and only slight OH with a 30mm, both 200w+ too, I run my Armageddon 28.5mm RDA on the Captain and my 30mm Supreme on the Revenger…so far…both excellent mods :+1: