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Pugsley's Super Smooth & Lung Friendly Review of the Wotofo Profile RDA


I’ve got 3 bikes and will buy 3 of em, one on each bike so get the machines rolling, I’m ready :star_struck:


Thanks for your great detailed review Pugsley:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re very welcome, I’ll get around to the other bits soon :wink:


Great Review as always entertaining !!!, it will be in my arsenal sometime in the future.


kind words, thank you :wink: i dont think you’ll be disappointed :+1:



You have my attention sir!!

Damnit man! You’re going to force me to look into squonking. Aren’t you. Aren’t you!?!! :laughing:

Great review! I can’t wait until I get my mitts on one! And congrats on the shout-out! (Not that little things like that matter in the least to someone like you oh exalted one! :wink: grins)


Hopefully through the Steampugs link (to give the old boy a nod! :wink:


Lmao…and thank you as always brother, your feedback is very much appreciated sir :wink:


I would if I could but I’m in the Eastern half of the world so I do almost all of my business with China.


Nailed it as always brother, great review!


Thanks my brother :wink: always appreciated :ok_hand:


Finally got my two from China, a SS and a gold one (WTF?). Got one up and running on my VT Inbox.

First off, the amount of cotton is staggering. I need a barber to trim it all. There is definitely a learning curve involved in trimming this much cotton but so far it’s working. I’m vaping one of my all time favorites, 3 fruits with marshmallow at 5.5% flavoring, so I know what this should taste like. The flavor is as good as I’ve ever tasted for this juice. I’ve got the AF at 1/3 and it is smooth and quiet. It’s my first time using mesh so I don’t have bad experiences or prejudgments about it. I never use Kanthal either, but I don’t notice any off taste at all. I did order some SS mesh though based on Mjag’s suggestion.

The only negative I have with it is the driptip. I also don’t use wide ones, in fact I’m quite particular in the type I use, however I can get used to it. It’s the height that’s off putting as I can feel the heat. It’s a nice looking drip tip, but it just won’t do. Fortunately, I’ve got a handful of taller ones from various RDAs I’ve bought and I found one I like

I’m quite pleased with this and I’m glad I got two of them. I’ll have to get at least another, preferably gunmetal. These can easily become my daily RDAs and replace my Hadalys and Entheons.

Thanks Pugsley for the review. I rarely read them anymore, but I find yours entertaining so it worked out well.


Thanks @natbone :grin: glad you liked it and glad it worked out for you :+1: