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Pugsley's tag team review of the Vandy Vapes Kylin RTA & Icon RDA


Im gonna have to check it out then! I was so close to pulling the trigger on the pharaoh but held off…glad I did now lol. Maybe next time


Thanks for the engaging review Pugs. I just took advantage of the heavily discounted Kylin from the link you provided. I had been looking at both the Ammit and Kylin. What I liked about the Kylin over the Ammit was the bottom gasket. Also the looks over the Ammit, and it came in green to match a mod I have. Would liked to have it come in 3ml like the Ammit, but GREEN, I LOVE GREEN.:money_mouth:


I’ve been purposely looking for a solid 2 battery green mod so I have an excuse to get the green Kylin.
Thanks for the review Pugs!


I got the Green/Gold Alien. It’s very nice looking and I’m hoping the Kylin will match up nicely.


Thanks MV :wink:


Much appreciated thanks :wink:


Thanks for the great review. I have been using my Kylin for several weeks which I got from VaporDNA. Right now I think its my favorite tank and I do use the 6ml extension.The airflow is very good but not as wide open as say the TFV12 if you want that much air. I really like the design and quality of the deck and it is really easy to build on. I also like that it uses larger set screws and they haven’t shown any signs of wear or rounding yet. The single coil option is really nice and you can use a big fat coil or whatever you want as long as it holds enough cotton to fill the juice wells. I heard people in vape shops complain about “leaking” but from what I have seen it is condensation, and when I explained it to them they seemed to agree as its not really liquid pouring out but rather dampness on the top of the mod near the air holes.


Thanks Jim :wink: :+1:


the reason why the kylin is better imo is the little separator in the air flow (the platic white thing , if u flash a lite in there u can see it) thats the difference is makes it much more smooth, also there is another kid on the block and I have to agree with rip the azeroth built in 3 Coil mode beats them both with respect to flavor



Oh my Mr. @Pugs1970 you nailed this one. Love at first Vape. 2- 8 wrap SS 2x28-36, .3Ω coils with “powerful” ramp up @ 420°F with 45 Joules available from the ml class. It even looks good! Even though technically it hangs over, the “hang over” blends with next bulge in the tank and looks like it was made to be that way. And the primary criteria… drum roll…FLAVOR!!! Through the roof! I foresee another one for the Q class in the near future!