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Pugsley's ungodly & mildly thunderous review of the Geekvape Zeus RTA


@Steampugs My biggest worry for you is your own ability to top yourself …and I mean that in a non-autoerotic kinda way. The “prose” and photography in this review was some of your best. I’m not even thinking about the product, too busy enjoying the pics and the humour. Thanks once again for the Infotainment …have to say it was a bit brilliant. Agree with you and the above, this is some machinist’s fever dream.


My Pleasure man, glad you liked it and thanks :ok_hand::wink:


Always look forward to your exceptionally well worded feedback Mr Darc, Means a great deal brother thanks once again :ok_hand::wink:🖒


Awesome job again beaut! Not sure how I missed this?


Thank you my dear :wink:

I’m not sure either…maybe we should re-discuss your…quite frankly offensive…and over generous salary :thinking:


Another bangin’ review dude! :+1:


Thank you very much dear :wink:


Dammit Pugs, I gotta stop reading your reviews after I post mine,so depressed :disappointed_relieved:

Brother, you sure show people how it’s done, great review as always :+1: Now excuse me as I curl up in a corner and ponder my worthiness :thinking::grin:


Baahaha! i felt the same way when I read yours coz you actually got the braided coils to work I thought they were shite lol.
Put the reviews together and we might actually have somethin :joy:🖒

And thanks man I really appreciate that :wink:


I was surprised too with the braided coil, Geekvape had given me a set a few months ago and after 2 dual coil builds was ready to throw the rest away…Still wouldn’t recommend them but it happened to work in this situation. I think my laziness to redo the build and just stretch the coil to the top finally paid off…I was hoping one day it would.

The Zeus is a tricky tank though, reminds me of my Wake RTA which took a few builds to finally get right.


Mine came in today. First impressions are ok.
*Had to thin my cotton a bit as I was getting dry hits, but that has been resolved by now.
*Will have to get used to the 810 drip tip since it is my first.
*Looks great on my aspire speeder
*Building was easy enough despite the daunting looking deck


just wanna reply since reading your review on facebook of this I’m still using this as my day to day out and about tank to get the best out of it an alien build all the way.
Hopefully and I truly mean this they improve on this in the near future an release an bigger duel coil version I would be all over that like shit on a blanket.
Have a great crimbo pugs :+1:


You too fella 🖒 and thanks for your support man :wink::facepunch: