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Pugsley's wee beastly review of the Envii Loch Ness mod & Artisan RTA


I would like to see a Loch Ness Squonk Mod with a DNA 75C chip/board in it


That sounds pretty fucking epic…bet whiterose could do it :wink:


Great review. I was going to pick up the Loch Ness but didn’t because of the battery door and finish. So I’m glad you mentioned those two points. I think if they changed the door and made the body Delrin it would be an epic mod that I would pay a bit more for. As for the Artisan I bought one and so far I really like it. I’ve always been a MTL vaper so I’m still trying to figure out how to get good flavor with lower builds and open airflow.

Anyways great review

Oh yeah the board is made by Texas Instruments. They make a lot of calculators.


I’m a little bum. This came in right after I ordered an Ammit single coil 22. Trying to snag a few 22’s for my ml class before they go the way of the dinosaur. I would imagine there will be one Envii left by the time i place my next order though.


Do you like a warm vape or a cool vape? I get way more flavor from the Artisan when it is wide open at 75-80 watts but it is pretty warm. I actually find that I get better flavor from most atomizers when I crank up the heat and airflow.


I think I just need to play around with different builds. I am using it on a Noisy Cricket 2 in series with around a .5 ohm, 3mm Clapton. I think I’m going to try a .25 build and run it in parallel. I still have to learn how to make these crazy coils that are all the rage these days. My normal build for years has been a 5/6 wrap, 27/28 gauge, 2.5mm kanthal coil.

To answer your question though. I like a warm but not hot vape.