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Purilum Recipes!


Im trying to recreate these:

Still a WIP.


Now there is something NR could sell, i cant get that stuff anywhere near here AND every single time i order from Amazon i forget to get it.


my stomach just woke up and yelled at me after seeing this picture mmmmmmm so good


Do you have any hints on whether the birthday cake will be a white or yellow cake flavor?


Basically think of the last bit if icing that is on the cake plate. Scoop it up with your finger and lick it. That is birthday cake in a nutshell.


As of this moment we are unsure! Most likely a white cake due to the fact that we already carry a yellow cake. We’ll keep the forums posted on updates!

Thank you🙂



Discount Code: PURILUM

Lasting till: 3/19/17 at Midnight PST!


New Flavors up soon? Walt at real flavors is releasing 17 new flavors on wednesday :wink:


New flavors are on the way :slight_smile:


New Purilum Flavors are up on the website! :slight_smile:


Wow no peach or blueberry :frowning: I really liked the blueberry.


Order placed. Cant wait to try the purilum cookie.


Can’t wait for your purilium cookie review. Sorry another typo.grinning:


I need to try Purilum Cookie too. I’m still not sure about Yellow Cake either. Tried it at 7.5% and didn’t get a whole lot of flavor from it, but it did seem like it would make an excellent base along with fruits or custards, or maybe even some cheesecake. I’m going to have to try it by itself at a higher % and get a better feel for it.


It’s a great crunchy and buttery cookie! You will love it!


Sale starting now! 20% off on all Vegetable Glycerin! :slight_smile:

Discount code: VG

Ends Sunday at midnight PST!


This is palm based VG correct? What percentage of purity?


Yes USP Kosher palm based with a purity of 99.7%


This just has one Purilum flavor but it shines! The vanilla bourbon with cream is delicious. Definitely needs a full three week steep, more is probably better but it’s great at 3.


DAMMIT! Will you all stop creating these amazing recipes with flavors I don’t have! :rage: